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Inside a small studio apartment.

Comparing a Studio and a One-Bedroom Apartment

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With apartment rental costs rising all across the country, those looking for a place to live are forced to consider smaller housing accommodations to survive. People are no longer looking for a two-bedroom apartment to have a spare room for guests or a space devoted to business, writing, or exercise. Rather, they’re wondering if they […] read more

A large vacant master bedroom.

Who Gets The Master Bedroom? 9 Ways To Decide

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Communal living always comes with challenges. Even if you were an only child, chances are there were some trying times with your parents. As an adult, cohabitating with other adults is fraught with disputes, often starting with who gets the master or largest bedroom in the apartment, condo, or house upon moving in. Solutions to […] read more

Guest Bedroom

5 Ways to Use a Guest Bedroom — Other than for Guests

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An extra bedroom is one of the few things apartment dwellers everywhere dream of. It’s so much more than an additional amount of space — it’s also an opportunity to be creative with its use. And while it’s certainly helpful to have the extra space just in case a guest sleeps over, the reality is […] read more

How to Incorporate Romance into the Bedroom

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Turn your ordinary sleep space into a romance bedroom by incorporating some simple changes that will spice things up without compromising the tranquility necessary for a good might’s sleep. What can you do to make your bedroom look more romantic? Take a Look Around Open the shades, turn on the lights and take a good look […] read more

Customize Your Floor with Modular Carpet Tiles

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If you’re looking for a way to brighten up a drab floor area, modular carpet tiles just might be the answer. These neat squares were developed for a number of reasons, but in addition to environmental benefits and ease of installation, they also provide for easy color coordinating and do-it-yourself pattern decoration. Choosing Materials Modular […] read more

Comparing the Benefits and Pitfalls of a Waterbed

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The choice of a waterbed popular among renters who want a break from traditional beds. New waterbeds no longer pose the risks they once had of a major leak, and resulting loss of a security deposit. The beds are covered in a vinyl layer that protects your surroundings from leaks, and you’ll get a repair […] read more

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Small Space Design: Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger in 4 Steps

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Having a good grasp of the elements of small space design will come in handy when you’re trying to decorate a bedroom with limited space. A tiny bedroom can leave you feeling cramped, so anything you can do to make the room appear larger will be advantageous to your living environment. Follow the steps outlined […] read more

Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas Parents Can Live With

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A bedroom decorating idea that thrills a teen and her parents may truly have the ring of fiction when it’s stated. Modern bedroom decoration ideas may leave some parents cringing, especially when it comes to the vulgar words or scantily dressed superstars being promoted in modern media, then transformed into teen decor. However, it’s very […] read more

How to Clean the Bedroom in 15 Short Minutes

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Keeping a clean bedroom is not difficult, but it does consist of some dedicated time each day. The bedroom is the place that you go to relax at night and get a good nights rest. When the bedroom is clean, it can actually help you to feel more comfortable and sleep more soundly. If you […] read more

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