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A sofa bed set up inside a small space living room.

Our Favorite Fold-Out Beds for Small Apartments

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For tenants who don’t have a lot of square footage to work with, such as those renting out a studio or efficiency apartment, it can prove challenging to shop for essential furnishings like beds. If space is a concern for you, it might seem like there are very few ways around your predicament. Rest assured […] read more

Three young girls sitting on a bed in their pajamas and talking.

Creative Ways to Accommodate Overnight Guests

Whether it’s an old college bud or a cousin who thinks you’re best friends, someone is eventually going to want to spend the night at your apartment. But even if you have a so-called “extra” room in your humble abode, it’s probably not outfitted with guest room essentials like a bed and a nightstand. read more

Getting a Great Night's Sleep

How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep

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Getting a great night’s sleep is super important for your overall health and happiness. When we don’t get enough sleep, we feel tired throughout the day — not to mention the fact that our productivity, emotions, and physical health are also affected. Given all that, it seems like the best way to guarantee yourself a […] read more

modern waterbed

Waterbeds: Should You Get Rid of Yours Before Moving into Your New Apartment?

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  Remember waterbeds? Developed in the 1960s, they rose in popularity quickly and remained a desired item throughout the 70s and 80s. Eventually people fell out of love with them and sales eventually dwindled into the 90s and early 2000s. Now, they’re mostly a thing of the past. Still, there continues to be a surprising […] read more

Bed Bug

Dealing With Bed Bugs

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If you suspect you have bed bugs, you’re in for a bit of work! read more

The Pros and Cons of Storage Beds

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Those who are looking at the best and most efficient bedroom furniture for a home should consider various types of bed frame setups, including the popular storage beds that include storage space underneath a mattress and box spring. Storage space in these types of beds is built right into the frame. Here are some of […] read more

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Comparing the Benefits and Pitfalls of a Waterbed

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The choice of a waterbed popular among renters who want a break from traditional beds. New waterbeds no longer pose the risks they once had of a major leak, and resulting loss of a security deposit. The beds are covered in a vinyl layer that protects your surroundings from leaks, and you’ll get a repair […] read more

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Creating Space in a Small Bedroom

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A small bedroom can create extra challenges for apartment life. It makes it seem like you’re always bumping into things, and there’s never enough room to do the things you want to do. Here are some ideas for creating more space in a small bedroom. 1. Utilize Closet Space If you’re just using the hangers […] read more

Small Bedroom Makeover Ideas for a Small Budget

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When you want to makeover your bedroom, but you don’t have any bedroom makeover ideas, and to top it off, you’re on a budget, don’t get frustrated! Decorating for small spaces, especially your bedroom, does not have to mean giving up on style or cashing in your savings. There are many bedroom decorating ideas that will allow you […] read more