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two roommates unpacking boxes in an apartment

Legal Rights of Roommate with No Lease

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Are you co-renting an apartment with other people, but your name doesn’t actually appear on the lease agreement? If you aren’t the lease-holder but are roommates with someone who is, you may be legally referred to as either a sub-tenant or co-tenant. In circumstances such as this, you have rights nearly indistinguishable from the tenant […] read more

A large vacant master bedroom.

Who Gets The Master Bedroom? 9 Ways To Decide

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Communal living always comes with challenges. Even if you were an only child, chances are there were some trying times with your parents. As an adult, cohabitating with other adults is fraught with disputes, often starting with who gets the master or largest bedroom in the apartment, condo, or house upon moving in. Solutions to […] read more

Looking For a New Roommate

The 2 Best Places to Find a New Roommate

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As rent prices keep climbing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to afford an apartment on your own — especially if you’re still in school or you just recently graduated. One of the best ways to keep your living expenses down is to have a roommate who can split the cost of the rent and utilities with […] read more

Dealing with Roommates: How to Share Your Studio

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It is a challenge to share a studio with a roommate or two, but it is possible. However, there are many factors that need to come into play for a successful, symbiotic relationship and/or living arrangement to occur. Friend or Faux Living with a friend or family member in a small space is often somewhat […] read more

Apartment Utilities: Under Your Name or Your Roommate’s?

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Paying for apartment utilities have been the cause of many conflicts and roommate splits. Many fights can be avoided in the first place, with a well thought out and negotiated roommate agreement. Even then, there are roommates who breach contracts, and refuse to pay for the utilities they agreed to pay for. It’s a touchy […] read more