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Having Fun on a Budget: Embracing the Staycation

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In tough financial times, many people don’t have money to spare for a real vacation. Conflicting work and school schedules can also make a traditional vacation impossible. Luckily, you and your family can have just as much fun by treating yourselves to a “staycation,” in which you stay at home and embrace nearby attractions. read more

Creating a Budget

Tips for Millennials Who Need to Create a Budget

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Millennials seem to have everything figured out — at least for the moment. But once the afterglow of college starts fading and that nine-to-five grind begins to lose a little luster, many find money matters more challenging than anticipated. read more

A couple moves in to their new suburban rental

Is It Time to Move to a Suburban Rental?

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When thinking about where to live, there are numerous factors to be taken into account. After all, a person’s individual preferences, lifestyle, and career circumstances are all things that tend to dictate where they call home. Perhaps you’re in the position of debating whether to rent in the city or find a place out in […] read more

A tidy pile of household cleaners and cleaning supplies.

9 Household Items You’re Probably Overspending On

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Even those who pride themselves on getting by on just the basics spend a lot of money on consumable household items. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2017 Consumer Expenditure Survey, the average family spends around $762 each year on these products. Luckily, there are ways to keep your home clean and your personal […] read more

Save Money on Utilities

9 Ways Renters Can Cut Utility Costs

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Some renters are lucky enough to find a place that includes utilities in the price of their rent. I was one of those fortunate ones for both my first and second apartments, but when I moved into a townhouse just this year, I suddenly had to pay for gas, energy, and water on top of […] read more

Asking Questions

Ask These Questions Before Signing Your Lease to Save Money and the Environment

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When shopping for your dream apartment, creating a budget is a critical step. Usually, all of us know exactly how much we are able to pay in rent each month, so we look for a place that fits nicely within that price range. After moving in, however, we realize that rent is far from the […] read more

fridge healthy food

Save Green While Eating Green: Tips for Healthy Eating Without Breaking Your Budget

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Your budget is tight, but you can’t face one more day of ramen noodles. Everyone knows it’s expensive to eat “healthy”, right? Wrong! Here are a few tips to help you stretch your grocery dollar for the freshest, tastiest options all year round. read more

small apartment

Don’t Fall Victim to These 3 Budget-Busters and Space-Wasters!

So, you’re living on a shoestring budget? We can relate! Oh, and you’re in a tiny one-bedroom apartment with limited space? read more

Saving Money: 3 Proven Tips for Sticking to a Budget

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The first step to saving money is to create a budget and stick to it. This isn’t new advice; it’s proven to work, but many people don’t create one. Many people take the time to create a budget, but then forget it and resume their spending habits. Why is sticking to a budget so hard […] read more