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Fast Food Your Mainstay? Healthy Homemade Meals for Tiny Kitchens

If you’re like many apartment dwellers, your kitchen is just about big enough to accommodate yourself and one other person. When the two of you get together to whip up a gourmet storm, you constantly have to interrupt your chopping or dicing to move aside for the other person to pass by or open the […] read more

Save Money on Utilities

9 Ways Renters Can Cut Utility Costs

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Some renters are lucky enough to find a place that includes utilities in the price of their rent. I was one of those fortunate ones for both my first and second apartments, but when I moved into a townhouse just this year, I suddenly had to pay for gas, energy, and water on top of […] read more

Air Conditioning Units

Breaking Down the Average Utility Costs Per Month: What’s Normal?

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When it comes to renting an apartment, one of the most easily overlooked aspects of budgeting is the extent to which your utility bills can range in cost. There are many factors that affect the price you pay for utilities, including the number of people in your apartment, whether or not the building offers gas […] read more

Asking Questions

Ask These Questions Before Signing Your Lease to Save Money and the Environment

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When shopping for your dream apartment, creating a budget is a critical step. Usually, all of us know exactly how much we are able to pay in rent each month, so we look for a place that fits nicely within that price range. After moving in, however, we realize that rent is far from the […] read more

Homemade Hummus

Save Money by Making These 6 Foods At Home

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I go full foodie in the summertime. Gardens are growing, farmers markets are teeming with fresh goodies, and family cookouts are running late into the evenings. Unfortunately, my love for food can sometimes overstretch my budget. read more

Apartment Living

How Apartment Living Can Make Your Life Better

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As houses become less affordable and urban areas become increasingly popular, more families and individuals are choosing the apartment life. While many people still yearn for homeownership, it’s important to remember that it’s not for everyone and that living in a rental can be just as rewarding. read more

small apartment

Don’t Fall Victim to These 3 Budget-Busters and Space-Wasters!

So, you’re living on a shoestring budget? We can relate! Oh, and you’re in a tiny one-bedroom apartment with limited space? read more

Beat the Heat: 6 Ways to Stay Cool Without an AC

Are you living somewhere with no air conditioning or on a tight budget and want to keep those utility bills down? Maybe you just want to live a little “greener” this summer. As it starts to heat up, here are 6 easy tricks to keep your cool without turning on that AC. 1. Use Fans […] read more

How to Reduce the Average Utility Costs for an Apartment

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Reducing the average utility costs for an apartment can free up money you can put into savings each month, use to defray debt or put toward some other expenditures. If you want to pay less each month for utilities, consider the following methods of reducing usage: Make Your Apartment Energy Efficient One of the most […] read more