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Sad woman cries on the phone after receiving her eviction notice.

Section 8 Eviction Explained

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If you’re a member of the Housing Choice Voucher Program, commonly called “Section 8,” different eviction rules apply to your apartment building. Or perhaps you live in a building where other residents are in this program. Either way, you may be wondering how the eviction process is different. What is Section 8? First of all, […] read more

Many basement apartments like this one are technically illegal.

Living in One of These 5 Rentals? You Might Be Living in an Illegal Apartment

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Few things are more frustrating than getting kicked out of your apartment because it’s an illegal unit – especially when you had no idea the unit was illegal in the first place. For that reason alone, you’ll find that knowing what is legal in your area to be an essential asset in avoiding trouble further […] read more

Woman struggles to pay her rent on time in the era of COVID-19.

2021 Update on COVID-19 Rent Assistance: 3 Helpful Websites for Renters in Need

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Now that almost half the country is fully vaccinated, things are beginning their slow return to normal. However, many people are still struggling to pay their rent on time because of COVID-related economic hardships read more

An eviction notice lays in an open doorway.

5 Ways Tenants Can Fight an Eviction Notice

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As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, frustration and poverty continue to increase exponentially. read more

A gloved hand hands over a set of keys to a new apartment.

What’s the Latest? Important New Rental Law Revisions for COVID-19

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While government restrictions related to COVID-19 ease up across the country a little more each day, millions of people are still out of work and struggling to overcome a myriad of economic challenges. Of those people, paying rent without an income is almost always among the biggest struggles. read more

Young woman struggles to figure out how she's going to pay rent in the wake of the crippling coronavirus crisis.

What are My Tenant Rights for Coronavirus Rent Relief?

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Most people have lived through hard financial times, many have gone through serious illnesses, and a significant number have faced a looming rent due date with little or no money to their name. But to suddenly face all three of these hardships at once at the hands of something like the coronavirus pandemic is a […] read more

An apartment building goes up for sale after being listed by the landlord.

My Landlord Sold the Building. Now What?

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Rumors are running wild around the pristine pool, between the treadmills, and down the well-manicured walkways of your apartment. Word is that your apartment’s owner is selling the place. Sally Sue down in apartment 17 claims everyone has to move out by the end of the month, or the new owner will come in and repossess all property left in your apartment. Is Sally Sue right? What can you do in this situation? Read on to find the answers to the multitude of questions likely to be racing through your mind at this moment. read more

4 Mistakes When Facing Eviction

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When facing an eviction, you will have the decision of how to behave in the situation. Certain behaviors or actions will only make the eviction worse and, possibly, impact your life long-term. Below are four common mistakes individuals make when facing eviction. 1. Not Following the Rules Your landlord cannot simply evict you overnight. Instead, […] read more

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Roommate Eviction Explained

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Roommate eviction is not pleasant, but it’s a normal part of apartment living. Sometimes things just don’t work out, but instead of leaving voluntarily, you have to use the court system to get someone to leave. It’s difficult to live with a roommate as you’re trying to evict them, or vice versa, and trying to […] read more