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Balconies vs. Patios: The Pros and Cons

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A well-organized and pleasant outdoor area is something everyone craves. read more

An apartment wall covered with unsightly rust stains

5 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Rust Stains In Your Apartment

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Rust is a natural process caused by the exposure of metal to moisture. It turns surfaces brown or orange over time, detracting from their original shiny or matte silver metal finish. read more

holiday guests

Hosting Traveling Holiday Guests in Your Tiny Apartment

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These tips will help you open up your small home for the holidays and have a jolly good time while doing it. read more

Bed Bug

So Your Apartment Has Bed Bugs… Now What?

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There seems to have been an increase in the number of bed bug reports in recent years. read more

Healthy Cookware: Which Type is Safest?

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Even though the link between healthy cookware and the prevention of cancer or other problems hasn’t been firmly established, you still might want to think about the safety of your pots and pans. What is definitely known is certain types of cookware can allow toxins to seep into your food, especially if used for an […] read more

Non-Toxic Cookware: What to Know Before You Shop

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Using non-toxic cookware in your kitchen will help you keep your family healthier. Using the wrong type of cookware to prepare meals can allow dangerous chemicals to leak into your food, alter taste and may cause health problems. Here are some things you should know before you shop for cookware. Cooking Is a Chemical Process […] read more

How to Get Recycling Bins in Your Apartment Complex

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Grimacing as you throw away recyclables may leave you wondering how to get recycling bins in your apartment complex. If your apartment doesn’t currently offer recycling, take initiative and get bins added to your apartment complex. Step 1: Speak with Your Landlord Your landlord probably knows how to get recycling bins in your apartment complex […] read more

Choosing Pots and Pans for Your First Apartment: 3 Essentials

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When outfitting your first apartment, you should spend some time carefully choosing pots and pans. You want to put together a basic set of cookware that can help you prepare a variety of meals. Here are three essentials: 1. Frying Pans When choosing pots and pans for your apartment, you should start with a set […] read more

5 Tips for Apartment Pool Birthday Parties

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When holding apartment pool birthday parties, there’s more to the planning than simply asking everyone to show up. If you want the birthday party to be a memorable, safe and fun event, follow these tips: 1. Speak with Your Landlord There may be complex community rules about inviting more than a few non-resident guests to […] read more