Small Space Design: Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger in 4 Steps

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Having a good grasp of the elements of small space design will come in handy when you’re trying to decorate a bedroom with limited space. A tiny bedroom can leave you feeling cramped, so anything you can do to make the room appear larger will be advantageous to your living environment. Follow the steps outlined below to make a not-so-large bedroom look and feel more spacious.

Step One: Keep It Neutral

Whatever you do in your small bedroom, don’t paint the walls a dark color. Keep them white or in a light neutral shade. Same goes with your bedding and furniture. Light colors, white especially, will make your room appear to have more space. If everything in your room is dark, paint them lighter.

Step Two: Clear Out the Clutter

As you’re designing your small bedroom, try to eliminate any items or furniture not absolutely essential to the room. This could mean you need to find alternative ways or places to store the items or, if storage is a limited commodity as well, you need to pare down your belongings and donate anything you don’t need or use to create extra space. The sure fire way to making a room look small is overcrowding the space. You won’t get anywhere with your design until you streamline your possessions to a manageable level.

Step Three: Stick to Clean Lines and Small Furniture

Large furniture in a small bedroom will do nothing but overtake the room and make the space appear cramped. Best to stick to slim furniture that stays close to the wall and doesn’t project too far out into the room. Concerning your bed, a smaller size is going to work best. Forgo the king size mattress and stick to a queen size-or double-if possible. Aside from keeping the color scheme in the room light and airy, choosing the right size bed is the next best step you can take to make your bedroom look bigger.

A simple headboard is best for your bed. A large and prominent headboard and footboard will only serve to eat up space and make the room appear small

Also, as you’re decorating your bedroom and selecting bedding, choose simple and clean lines. Ruffles and volume, often found in large pillows and bed skirts, should be avoided. Keep in mind the words sleek and compact as you’re making your selections.

Step Four: Strategically Place Items on the Walls

Being mindful of what you put on the walls-and where and how you arrange the hangings-can help you give the appearance of a larger room. Hanging a large mirror on a wall is a good idea. Mirrors are a great way to make small spaces look larger. If you’re hanging photos or artwork, remember not to crowd the walls with too many items. A little goes a long way in a small bedroom. One large image or piece of artwork on wall may be more than sufficient, as could several clusters of smaller images hung on one or two walls in the room.

Making your bedroom appear bigger is easy if you keep it light, clean and think strategically as you design.


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