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Renter's Insurance

Did You Know? You Need Renter’s Insurance!

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No one wants to think about something catastrophic happening in their home. Of course, it’s unlikely that something bad like a fire or a natural disaster would compromise the structure of your apartment or destroy your personal belongings, but it’s always a great idea to be prepared just in case. read more

Aftermath of a Natural Disaster

A Natural Disaster Ruined My Vacation: Am I Entitled to a Refund?

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Unfortunately, natural disasters happen. They’re a part of this world and there’s not much anybody can do about them when they hit except stay out of their way. Still, shouldn’t you be entitled to a refund when a natural disaster ruins your vacation? If so, how much? read more

Renters Insurance

Why You Might Need Renter’s’ Insurance (Or Not)

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Whether you live in an apartment, a rental house, a condo, a coop or even a duplex, at some point in your tenure as a renter, you’ll probably wonder whether you should get renter’s insurance. When it comes to carrying insurance, doing so for your own house or a car is one thing…most people have […] read more


Why You Can’t Go without Renters Insurance

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Many current or soon-to-be renters assume that their landlord’s property insurance covers their personal possessions. That is a major misconception, and one that could turn out to be the biggest mistake of your life. No renter can afford to be without renter’s insurance. The Type of Insurance Landlords Have The type of property insurance your […] read more


4 Questions to Ask a Dog Sitting Service

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If you’re requiring the services of a dog sitting service, you’ll need to ask several salient questions before making a commitment towards hiring one. After all, you want the best care for your pet, so you need to be assured that you’re hiring the right company for the job. Therefore, take your time and interview […] read more

Apartment Disaster Plan: Earthquake Preparedness

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Many renters make the mistake of not including earthquake preparedness in their disaster plan, unless they live in certain cities known for getting them often. The fact is, earthquakes can happen anywhere, and you should prepare for it no matter where you live.  The risk of personal injury and property damage is huge, and you […] read more

The Legal Ramifications of Subletting Your Apartment

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You must get written consent from your landlord prior to subletting your apartment. If you don’t get permission, the landlord has grounds to evict you from the apartment and sue you for damages. Even though you have the proper consent from your landlord to rent your apartment out to someone else in a sublease agreement, […] read more

Renters Insurance Policy 101 for Pet Owners

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Owning a renters insurance policy is important if you’re a tenant, because of the protection you receive. If someone were to bring a liability lawsuit against you, accusing you of being negligent at your apartment and causing them injuries, the renters insurance company would represent you and pay out any settlement or damages. Certain pet […] read more

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What Does Your Landlords Insurance Policy Cover?

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If you think that you landlords insurance policy covers you, think again. As a tenant, you need your own renters insurance policy to protect your personal items and to cover you in cases where people sue you for liability. Your landlord’s policy doesn’t protect you, but you may benefit from the repairs made to the […] read more