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A young man rearranging furniture in his living room.

The Best Furniture Arrangements for Small Living Rooms

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Since most apartments don’t have dens, rec rooms, or kitchens large enough for entertaining, the living room is usually the best place in them for hanging out with friends and family. And while small living rooms are challenging to decorate, it’s often even more difficult to read more

A simple, cozy, white coffee table display.

Creating the Perfect Coffee Table Display

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When you live in a small apartment, your decorating abilities can be limited because you simply don’t have a lot of room for bookshelves or end tables to put your picture frames and tchotchkes on. Luckily, you can use your coffee table to show off your style and create an elegant, magazine-worthy display. read more

personalize your apartment living room

Personalize Your Apartment (Without Making Your Landlord Angry)

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Just because you don’t own your apartment or condo doesn’t mean that you can’t make it “your” space. read more

Decorating with Quilts

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Decorating with quilts is a great way to show off your tastes, talent or family history. However, because of their colorfulness and intricacy, it can be difficult to fully display quilts without the end result looking out of place or overwhelming. Following a few simple rules and being creative can make using quilts in your […] read more

How to Make a Home Theater System Blend into the Decor

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A home theater system can provide hours of entertainment for you and your guests. However, with its wires, speakers, receivers, amplifiers and other elements it can also make for an unsightly display in your living room. To avoid this, it is essential to blend your home theater system into your décor. Measure the Available Space […] read more

Going Green in Your Living Room: 4 Useful Tips

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Going green in your apartment means living your life in the most environmentally-responsible way possible, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your comforts. Learn how to transform one of the most-used rooms in your apartment, the living room, into an example of eco-friendly living: 1 – DIY and Recycled Decor […] read more

Aparment Decorating: Finding the Right Sofa to Match the Living Room

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Because of their size and as they are typically only a temporary homestead, apartment decorating is a difficult task. Finding the right sofa for your apartment is a special challenge. The Right Sofa for the Size of the Room Prior to making a final decision, you should first determine the appropriate size for your living […] read more

Cheap Decorating Ideas for the Living Room

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Looking for cheap decorating ideas? Have you moved into a new apartment or just want to redecorate your living room without breaking the bank? There are many ways to make a statement without spending a lot of money by being resourceful and creative. While you shop, be sure to check stores for the latest deals, […] read more

How to Clean the Living Room in 15 Short Minutes

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You don’t have to take a huge chunk of time out of your day when you want a clean living room. While thoroughly cleaning the living room will give you better, lasting results, a quick sweep through the room will suffice when you’re pressed for time-or lack the energy it takes to deep clean. You […] read more