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two roommates unpacking boxes in an apartment

Legal Rights of Roommate with No Lease

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Are you co-renting an apartment with other people, but your name doesn’t actually appear on the lease agreement? If you aren’t the lease-holder but are roommates with someone who is, you may be legally referred to as either a sub-tenant or co-tenant. In circumstances such as this, you have rights nearly indistinguishable from the tenant […] read more

holiday celebration with roommates

Keeping the Holidays Happy for All Roommates

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Rather than letting different traditions clash, make holidays a time for joy and celebration! read more

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How to be Friends and Roommates (Without Ruining the Friendship)

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Thinking of renting a place with your friend? It isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but it isn’t right for everyone. read more

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Moving With Someone? Find the Right Space for Both of You

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My husband and I just bought our first home. It’s just right for us, but it took a lot of… well, discussions to figure out what “just right” looked like to us. We had different priorities and different styles. We couldn’t agree on whether we were looking for the “right” neighborhood, needed a big kitchen, […] read more

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3 Important Rules For College Roommates

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College roommates naturally spend most of their time together, and because of that, it is important that clear boundaries are set and maintained. Without rules, the chances for stepping on each other’s toes are rather significant. As you approach the move-in date, consider getting together to set some ground rules to ensure that both of you feel […] read more

How to Deal with Passive-Aggressive Roommates

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You put your key in the door, rest your hand on the knob and let out a deep sigh before entering. You know that your roommate is lurking somewhere in the darkness with a snide remark that insinuates a bone they have to pick with you, without actually picking it with you. Sharing your space […] read more

The Key to Finding a Great Roommate

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Whether you’re looking to make some extra money on the side by renting out a room or looking for a house share, a good roommate is something that will make your life significantly better. Unfortunately, for some people finding the right roommate can seem impossible. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. With a […] read more


4 Ways to Find a Roommate

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Finding a roommate shouldn’t be a difficult task if you plan ahead of time. If it’s the first time you’re looking for a roommate you need to keep a few things in mind so that you can share your apartment with the right person. Determine the Type of Roommate You Want Before you actually start […] read more

How to Deal with an Alcoholic Roommate

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If you live with someone that has a drinking problem, you must know how to deal with an alcoholic roommate. Dealing with an Alcoholic Roommate If your roommate is an alcoholic who often gets aggressive and violent, it would be right on your part to insist that he should stop drinking if he wants to continue […] read more