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A large vacant master bedroom.

Who Gets The Master Bedroom? 9 Ways To Decide

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Communal living always comes with challenges. Even if you were an only child, chances are there were some trying times with your parents. As an adult, cohabitating with other adults is fraught with disputes, often starting with who gets the master or largest bedroom in the apartment, condo, or house upon moving in. Solutions to […] read more

A well-decorated, modern master bedroom.

Creating the Perfect Master Bedroom

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A master bedroom shouldn’t be just the largest bedroom in the apartment — it should be a veritable Shangri-la focused on you and your partner’s most intimate wants and needs. A special place you daydream about when you’re stuck in traffic, arguing with your mother-in-law, or having a root canal. Practicality may come first when […] read more

Apartment Roommates: Who Gets the Master?

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Living in an apartment with roommates requires making compromises even before you move into the space. One issue you and your roommate are likely to encounter is deciding who gets the master bedroom. Here are some things to consider. Who Pays More? Typically the roommate with the larger bedroom or master suite pays slightly more […] read more