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Dream Apartment

Finding Your Dream Apartment

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Securing a great apartment in a tight rental market is not an easy task to accomplish, but it’s far from impossible. read more

city apartments

Looking for a Big-City Apartment? Here’s How to Find the Perfect Spot

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Finding an apartment in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, or any town that sports skyscrapers and is a well-known hub of metropolitan activity can be a challenge. If you rush into any old deal, it may wipe out your savings faster than you could have imagined. Don’t let that happen. It’s easy, instead, to […] read more

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Vacationing in Your Home Town? Stay in (Another) Apartment

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Although you and your family may have dismissed the idea of staying in-state on your next vacation break, staycations are becoming quite popular—especially for those on tight budgets. However, staycation or not, everyone will no doubt be insistent on one thing: you’ll absolutely have to sleep somewhere other than in your regular digs for that […] read more

Apartment Location: 5 Conveniences to Look for

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Apartment location should be one of the most important factors in choosing where you want to live. You should look for a place in close proximity to day-to-day living conveniences to simplify your life (and the amount of driving or walking you have to do!) Here are some the the conveniences to look for as […] read more

How to Use an Apartment Search Engine

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An apartment search engine is a great place to start your search for a new apartment because it often contains massive amounts of information in one place. However, because of the large amount of information such engines contain, creating a productive and informative search can be difficult. Follow the tips below to make your search […] read more

5 Tips for Moving into a Loft-Style Apartment

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Moving into a loft style apartment can be challenging, due to space and location issues. The layout of a loft can make it difficult to move furniture upstairs. The storage space is also limited. You can overcome some of these problems by using the following tips: 1 – Parking If you’re moving into a downtown […] read more

5 Tips for Finding a Childcare Center near Your Apartment

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A childcare center must meet the majority of a parent’s needs, including being near their residence. Finding a childcare center near your apartment, however, may not be easy and will most certainly require lots of research and legwork. Below are 5 tips for finding a childcare center near your apartment. 1. Check Large Company Recommendations […] read more

What to Consider Before Doing an Online Apartment Search

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When conducting any online apartment search, you need to determine what type of apartment you want to lease, the price you want to pay, the location of the community, the amenities and the length of the lease. Apartment Type Before you begin browsing on the Internet for your dream apartment, think about the types of apartments […] read more

4 Reasons to Live in a Downtown Apartment

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Deciding where to live can be a very big decision. There are, of course, pros and cons to living anywhere but living in a downtown apartment is a great option, especially for the younger generation that will enjoy getting out to do new things. Take into consideration the following benefits of living in a downtown […] read more