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A denied lease application

My Lease Application Was Denied: What Now?

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It could be that you’ve been renting for a few years now, or perhaps even a few decades. Whatever the case may be, it definitely isn’t your first rodeo. So when it comes to applying for a new apartment, you’re feeling pretty confident. read more

landlord and tenant standing at doorway with keys and lease agreement contract

Bad Landlord: How to Tell Before Signing a Lease

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Finding a place to rent can be a hassle. A house or apartment that seems too good to be true, is probably just that. No matter how dreamy your potential new home may be, you really should do your homework—not only on the property itself, but also on the person who will be renting it […] read more


The Importance of Residential Lease Inventory and Condition Forms

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If you’re a renter, you should know what a residential lease inventory and conditions form is. read more

Rental agreement

What to Do When Your Landlord Breaks Your Rental Agreement

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A friend of mine rang my bell. “My landlord just came into my home and took money from me,” he lamented. Indeed, his landlord had thought to save him the trouble of mailing the money and entered the premises, taking the envelope marked “rent.” Did he have a right to do that? No. In this […] read more

What Should you Ask Before Signing a Lease?

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  If you feel slightly overwhelmed when it comes time to sign on the dotted line at lease renewal time, or if you’re considering renting a new apartment and don’t know what to ask, you’re not alone! There’s nothing wrong with ascertaining that you’re on the same page as the landlord or rental agent about […] read more

5 Things You Should Know Before Signing a Lease

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Apartments come in all sizes, which leaves plenty of room for hiccups when choosing the perfect place. Eliminate extra hassles during the apartment hunting process by asking plenty of questions. The goal is to know as much as possible about the place you will live in for the next period of your life. Here are […] read more

3 Common Repercussions of Breaking Your Lease

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The repercussions of breaking your lease can haunt you for years after. It will impact your ability to rent future apartments, or cost you money that can lead to financial hardship. Breaking your lease should be the last resort, and in most cases, it should not even be an option. Here are 3 common repercussions […] read more

4 Instances a Landlord Can Terminate Your Lease

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A landlord can terminate a lease for any reason allowed under state law and the lease agreement. It’s never a happy ending when the landlord has to go through the legal hoops to get a tenant out of an apartment. It’s better to resolve any issues prior, which may help you rent a future apartment. […] read more

Negotiations in a Lease Agreement

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When you sign an agreement to lease an apartment, you are entering into a legally binding contract with your landlord. Like all contracts, the terms you agree on are negotiable. Understanding your rights and the negotiating process will help you to sign a lease with more favorable terms. Is Everything Negotiable? In some contracts, all […] read more