Customize Your Floor with Modular Carpet Tiles

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If you’re looking for a way to brighten up a drab floor area, modular carpet tiles just might be the answer. These neat squares were developed for a number of reasons, but in addition to environmental benefits and ease of installation, they also provide for easy color coordinating and do-it-yourself pattern decoration.

Choosing Materials

Modular carpet tiles come in a wide array of materials. Lots of manufacturers are now making these floor coverings out of the most sustainable materials available, in order to help provide a greener solution for any interior space. One popular organic option for modular carpeting material is wool. This natural animal product can provide durable carpets that can last for years. Synthetic options include nylon and polyester. Some manufacturers also make modular carpet tiles from corn. Specifically, something called PLA or polylactic acid is a corn byproduct that can be used to create more renewable modular carpet squares.

As for the backing of these modular carpet tiles, forms of reclaimed or post-consumer content can provide for flooring options with less material source waste.

Buying Sets of Modular Carpet Tiles

Decorating a building can be easy with a set of modular carpet tiles that includes one or more colors or patterns. Where designers by single carpet pieces with pre-arranged patterns, solid color modular carpet tiles in several industry-standard sizes can provide checkered patterns that will look like a single piece with the right installation methods.

Keeping Spares

With modular carpet tiles, maintenance staff can take a new approach toward periodic renovations or turning over a residential space for a new tenant. With old single piece carpets, a stained or damaged piece had to be entirely removed and replaced. With modular carpet tiles, maintenance personnel can choose the best way to replace several squares in order to create a new look for floor. Mold damage, staining, burn, or excessive wear can all be remedied without taking up the entire floor. Keep a number of spare pieces on hand to take advantage of these easy renovating options.

Other Benefits of Modular Carpet Tiles

Modular carpet tiles can be easier and cheaper to transport and install than larger single piece carpets. Another benefit regards the health and safety issues around conventional carpeting. Building managers and others are starting to look at the use of VOCs in different kinds of flooring. VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are chemicals that can threaten the indoor air quality and create respiratory problems in humans. Since the standard way to alleviate VOCs on installation is in airing out a piece of carpet, modular carpet tiles are easier to deal with when they do contain some of these potentially harmful elements. With many carpets that contain VOCs, if they are aired out for a few days prior to installation, or if inhabitants or workers can delay interaction with these materials for a few days after installation, a huge percentage of the toxins are released, making the renovation a lot safer for those who live or work in a building.

Think about the above benefits of modular carpeting for your next flooring renovation, and as a consistent way to provide for any sized space.

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