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Young woman's furniture arrives at her new home in extremely poor condition

Fighting Back Against Moving Fraud

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Moving companies streamline the whole moving process considerably — when they’re actually doing their jobs, of course. In the midst of packing up and getting settled into your new place, things can go wrong quite easily. read more

Moving Van

Renting a Moving Van

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When you’re moving to a new apartment, there are a lot of things you need to get done. From packing up boxes to putting down deposits, you’ve probably been making all sorts of checklists to get ready for the big move. But before you start organizing and packing everything, the most important thing to check […] read more

white moving storage truck

How To Organize Your Moving Truck Efficiently

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So you’ve planned your move and reserved a moving truck, but you’re not sure where to start with your packing. Maybe you’re a packrat and are dreading sorting through all your possessions, or maybe you’re inclined to throw things out with wild abandon and figure that you’ll just toss everything and have very little to pack. Whatever your situation may be, you’ll need to create a thorough inventory and do some careful packing in order to have a super-successful move. read more

4 Reasons Apartment Movers Are a Waste of Money

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Apartment movers are beneficial in some cases, but in others they are a waste of money. Some renters can benefit greatly from apartment movers, such as when the move is long distance or last minute. That’s not the case, though, for many other movers. You would be better off holding onto your money and moving […] read more

What Is the Most Important Aspect to Consider When Choosing Relocation Companies?

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When choosing relocation companies to hire for your local or long-distance move, the most important aspect to consider is the company’s reliability. A company’s reliability encompasses everything from their background to their dispute resolution process and insurance. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration All interstate and some local moving companies are required to abide by […] read more

What Should You Do if a Moving Company Damages Your Belongings?

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When hired, a moving company takes responsibility for the safe arrival of your goods. That responsibility, however, requires you to file a proper claim and, even then, only extends as far as the amount of available insurance. If your belongings are damaged during your move, there are several actions you should take to recover the […] read more

3 Reasons to Be Weary of Discount Movers

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Discount movers offer relief to renters who cannot afford to pay the high fees of most professional moving companies. When money is tight, you may feel as though you have little option but to hire a discount mover. There is a risk of theft, or damage to your items, and you may want to think it […] read more

5 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Movers

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To some of those who are looking to move a household, it seems counterintuitive not to look for the lowest price, but sometimes, cheap movers are not the best deal. Getting a bargain is great, but different kinds of issues with local moving businesses can mean that the overall costs end up being a lot […] read more

Looking for the Best Moving Company? Comparing the Competitors

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Finding the best moving company is a time consuming and possibly frustrating task. When moving, it is important to receive and compare multiple estimates. Keeping the following considerations in mind, it will be easier to compare and eventually choose the best moving company for your move. Price Comparison Of course, the first thing you will […] read more