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Two movers install a rental fridge inside an apartment.

The Pros and Cons of Renting Appliances

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You’ve just moved into your new apartment, and all the furniture donated by your friends and family is finally in its place. But then you realize you’re missing the creature comforts that, for many, are as vital to survival as running water and heat: a big screen TV, an Xbox, and more importantly, a stove, […] read more

A young couple loading several moving boxes into a van.

Top 14 Places Get Cheap (or Free) Moving Boxes

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Moving into a new home is one of those unique life events that combines excitement, stress, and dread. A fresh start is stimulating, packing and throwing away junk is physically and emotionally draining, and hauling things around is just plain hard on your body. read more

Man moving out after breaking up with his girlfriend.

Moving Out After the Break-Up

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An estimated 18 million people live with their significant other in the United States. And while we all hope that those couples are happy and healthy in their homes, the truth is that a lot of them will break up before their first lease together is even over. read more

Moving Off Campus

Student Renters: Is It Time to Move Off Campus?

Living on campus certainly has its perks: the ability to roll out of bed and make it to class within five minutes of waking up, the endless food options that your school’s dining halls have to offer, and of course, the fact that you don’t have to fight for parking 10 minutes before your class […] read more

Moving Checklist

An Extensive Moving Checklist

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Whether you’re relocating because of a new job or simply because you want a bigger apartment, moving out is going to require a lot of planning, energy, and, unfortunately, money on your part. When it’s finally time for you to pack up your things, you’ll want to refer to this comprehensive moving checklist to make […] read more

Saving Money with Student Movers

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Moving can be a costly event where you want to find the right balance between saving money and ensuring that your furniture and belongings are handled with care. If you have too much stuff to move yourself but can not afford high end moving companies then student movers may be a great option to consider. […] read more

How to Find Affordable Movers for Your Budget

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Professional movers can be pricey, but there are affordable movers out there for your budget. The key is knowing where to find them. You can’t just look through the yellow pages and tell which ones are affordable, unless “affordable” is a part of their name. Many don’t publish prices on their websites either, and with so many movers […] read more

4 Reasons Apartment Movers Are a Waste of Money

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Apartment movers are beneficial in some cases, but in others they are a waste of money. Some renters can benefit greatly from apartment movers, such as when the move is long distance or last minute. That’s not the case, though, for many other movers. You would be better off holding onto your money and moving […] read more

How to Compare International Movers

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Not all international movers are reliable or offer the same services. Because of the complex paperwork and actual transportation required to move household belongings internationally, it is important to thoroughly investigate every company able for hire. Prior to agreeing to work with a particular moving company, consider the following features. The Type of Container Used […] read more