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Inside a small studio apartment.

Comparing a Studio and a One-Bedroom Apartment

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With apartment rental costs rising all across the country, those looking for a place to live are forced to consider smaller housing accommodations to survive. People are no longer looking for a two-bedroom apartment to have a spare room for guests or a space devoted to business, writing, or exercise. Rather, they’re wondering if they […] read more

disappointment and stress

Smart Shopping: How to Avoid Disappointment in Your Apartment Choice

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Apartment shopping is often called a “hunt,” and it can definitely feel that way. Sneaking through the jungle of buildings, watching tirelessly for your prey: the perfect space to call home. And like a hunt, you often feel like you have to “pounce” to get the spot, leaving little time for comparisons or fine print. read more

How to Compare Apartment Properties

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If you’re trying to choose from among several apartment properties, you need to base your final selection on a number of criteria. You’ll be able to narrow down the offerings by making a decision based on the type of amenities you desire, the amount of space you require, the length of the lease, the location […] read more

4 Reasons to Rent a Townhouse

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If you have the opportunity to rent a townhouse, you should. It’s a far better option than renting a unit in an apartment building. Renting a townhouse gives you the experience of living in your home, and in a rent-to-own arrangement, you could be living in the next home you own. Even if you have […] read more

5 Benefits of Townhouse Apartments

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Townhouse apartments are superior to regular apartments in many ways. They are so popular that vacancies can be hard to come by in many places. You have to be vigilant in your apartment search, and drive around neighborhoods to find some. If you can find one within your price range, you should go for it. […] read more