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An apartment interior decked out in Valentine's Day decor.

Getting Your Apartment Ready for Valentine’s Day

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Whether you’ve been in love for a long time or were just recently smitten by someone, Valentine’s Day is your big opportunity to make an impression without people calling you crazy. read more

A young man hangs out with his roommate - and his new significant other.

How to Handle Your Roommate’s Significant Other

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"After college, I got an apartment with an old friend from high school," says Brooke, a 25-year-old media relations assistant living in Washington, D.C. "We were both single and loved going out. It seemed like the perfect living situation until my roommate started dating a guy from her grad program. All of the sudden, I had a third roommate. He hung around the apartment while she was in class, eating my food and hogging the bathroom. I didn't even like the guy." read more

Romantic Decor

5 Romantic Décor Ideas for Couples

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Moving in with your significant other can be an exciting and heartwarming experience. Often initiated by a major life change such as a marriage or the birth of a child, cohabitation signifies the beginning of a cycle — much like the planting of seeds does when growing a garden. But with all that being said, […] read more

How to Incorporate Romance into the Bedroom

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Turn your ordinary sleep space into a romance bedroom by incorporating some simple changes that will spice things up without compromising the tranquility necessary for a good might’s sleep. What can you do to make your bedroom look more romantic? Take a Look Around Open the shades, turn on the lights and take a good look […] read more

The Disadvantages of Dating Your Neighbor

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Dating a neighbor can be tricky. While there are advantages to dating someone who lives within such close proximity, a certain amount of risk is involved. If and when things go sour, avoiding the other person will be difficult. Need more persuading as to why you should reconsider dating someone in your complex or building? […] read more

Relationship Advice for Dating Neighbors

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Dating neighbors is fairly common and often just plain fun. Here’s some advice to keep it fun, and keep it amicable in the event it doesn’t work out. Consider Keeping It a Fun Flirtation If you are a person who has bad breakups, or who has a hard time dealing with ex’s, consider keeping the […] read more

Roommate Privacy: Setting Boundaries Early

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If you’re renting an apartment with a roommate, it goes without saying that you’ll have to sacrifice some of your personal privacy. You can’t share a living space with another person and not have some overlap during the course of your daily life. That doesn’t mean you have to share every moment with them, and […] read more

Making the Jump from Roommate to Romance

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So your roommate is funny, thoughtful, attractive and everything you’re looking for in a boyfriend or girlfriend. You find yourself fantasizing about him or her and it’s starting to get difficult to pretend like nothing has changed. You’re not the only one to face these kinds of roommate problems, but you’d be wise to consider […] read more

Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Decorating your bedroom to feel like a romantic hideaway is easier than you think. Your goal is to find a design that makes you feel both sensual and calm. Focus on de-cluttering and creating a cozy, flattering and soothing oasis. Simplify First of all, the bedroom needs to be a place of serenity. Get rid of […] read more