How to Incorporate Romance into the Bedroom

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Turn your ordinary sleep space into a romance bedroom by incorporating some simple changes that will spice things up without compromising the tranquility necessary for a good might’s sleep. What can you do to make your bedroom look more romantic?

Take a Look Around

Open the shades, turn on the lights and take a good look at your sleeping quarters. What do the sheets look like? Are they old? What material are they? Clean, well kept sheets are the first concern. You can save up some money, look for a sale or use your credit card, but don’t skimp on sheets. The more the thread count the nicer they are going to feel.

Get a Sturdy, Secure Bed Frame

Wood, brass and steel are choices of taste, however the sturdiest choice is the best choice. Even though you may love that wicker bed frame or that shiny gold brass-like choice, keep in mind a rarely discussed romance-killer: the squeak. If you’re not ready for a new purchase get underneath your current frame with a pair of pliers or a ratchet set and tighten up those bolts.

Avoid Squeaks with a Quality Mattress

If it is over ten years old try to get yourself a new one. Sagging, weak mattresses can also squeak as well as lose a good amount of support over the years. Newer models with memory foam and other textile wonders rarely use noisy springs or even box springs anymore. If a new one is out of the question some mattress pads can do the trick for a while.

Choosing a Romantic Color

Having an atmosphere dominated by a neutral color can be at odds with romance. Studies have shown that color can directly affect our moods. Warm pastels like reds, blues and oranges with a white border can transform a television watching, laptop tapping evening into cuddles, kisses and then some, just by the sheer feel they emit.

Lighting for the Mood

Are your lights out of date, unimaginative or even the original fixture that came with the space? Chandeliers in the bedroom scream romance. Regardless of price, even an inexpensive chandelier is a wonderful addition. On the other hand, if the bedroom can accommodate it, installing wall sconces brings mystery and sexiness to any room.

However, the crown jewel is candles. Any candle is romantic but top of the line candles offer incredible scents that work as well as any ingested aphrodisiac. Choose two to twenty candles and set them throughout your bedroom.

Smell and Shuffle

As mentioned, the smell from expensive candles is divine. The smell after blowing them out, however, is not so seductive. Open a window and air it out. Keep the sheets clean and the rug vacuumed. Fresh flowers always add a special touch and, if your floor covering is old and stained, either rip it up and polish the wood or re-carpet with a warm beige or earth color tone. Plus there are great room air fresheners on the market. Look for lavender, vanilla or amber scents.

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