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Inside a small studio apartment.

Comparing a Studio and a One-Bedroom Apartment

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With apartment rental costs rising all across the country, those looking for a place to live are forced to consider smaller housing accommodations to survive. People are no longer looking for a two-bedroom apartment to have a spare room for guests or a space devoted to business, writing, or exercise. Rather, they’re wondering if they […] read more

Studio Apartment - Interior

Make the Most of Your Studio Apartment

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As more people choose to live in bigger cities on their own, studio apartments are becoming an increasingly viable option. Most studio apartments consist of a single room that’s used as the kitchen, dining area, living room, and bedroom. read more

5 Styles of Room Dividers for a Studio

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Room dividers can fit any decor and are available in a variety of styles. Your choice of the perfect divider for your studio will depend on your finances, and how you plan to use it. A room divider can serve many purposes, in addition to dividing your studio space into sections. You don’t want to […] read more

Creative Room Divider Ideas for a Studio

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Having a studio apartment can be a challenge, but using room divider installations can help residents make more functional rooms out of a small living space. Making your studio into a multifunctional area can take some creativity and hard work. Here are some interesting ideas for partitioning off spaces within a smaller apartment unit to […] read more