Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas Parents Can Live With

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A bedroom decorating idea that thrills a teen and her parents may truly have the ring of fiction when it’s stated. Modern bedroom decoration ideas may leave some parents cringing, especially when it comes to the vulgar words or scantily dressed superstars being promoted in modern media, then transformed into teen decor.

However, it’s very possible to create a decorating scheme that can have all parties living in peace. Communication and agreement over a bedroom decorating scheme can lead teenagers and their parents to comfortably speaking on other important subjects necessary at this time of life. To start the decorating discussion, consider the possibilities and the middle ground. It doesn’t have to be as prim and proper as a spare bedroom may be, but it shouldn’t be a wild theme bedroom. There are many modern bedroom decoration ideas that teenagers will be enthralled by and that parents find acceptable as well.

The Artist’s Room

If your teen likes to express himself by writing or drawing on the walls, consider allowing him to do just that without risking the walls of your home. Purchase dry and erase paint. You can use it on all four walls. The walls will be protected by the paint. A teen can go crazy painting and drawing on the walls. Yet, with a dry and erase option, you can always require that something be erased if you find it offensive. Set rules about what’s allowed within this creative freedom to prevent later disagreements or tension. Of all the teenage modern decoration ideas, this is probably the easiest and least expensive to pull off.

Go all out in this decorating scheme by also allowing a drawing board and easel by a teen’s bed. Allow the teen to pick funky bedsheets and curtains to compliment his own artistic style he’s expressed within the room.


Think of the colors one would use for a spare bedroom. While this isn’t the first choice of some teenagers, others can really enjoy a minimalist look for a room. If a teenager is allowed to pick all of the colors for a room, he is more likely to agree to not fill his room with things that parents may find disagreeable. A parent can compromise by giving the teenager full creative reign in this. Even if a teenager wants to paint his walls black, a parent may be wise to consent as long as the paint is carefully chosen to avoid wall damage and easier removal later on (after the rebel or dark stage). In this scheme, a teen is kept content by picking offbeat colors for blankets, curtains, walls and sometimes the ceiling.

Musical Haven

A theme bedroom is often the most fun type to decorate. While parents and teenagers do not often agree on the type of music for listening, most parents are proud of a teen who takes a deep interest in music. By allowing a musical theme in a teenager’s room, it further encourages a teen to pursue that interest. A special corner for a musical instrument of choice can be really conducive to easy practice and further mastering of that musical talent. While posters on the wall of rebel rock or rap stars may take some parents aback, a more tolerant attitude-or at least a compromise on only hanging up musical posters-can begin to bridge the generation gap when it comes to decorating.

In Closing

When it comes to the decorating dance that parents and teenagers must participate in to ultimately create a happy, healthy living environment for the teenager in his room, compromise is probably the most important factor. Parents may start by forbidding a bit more than they think is truly fair in order to give in to the more reasonable demands the teenager may present.

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