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Finger hits a "blacklist" button on a computer keyboard.

Are You Blacklisted?

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Have perfect or good credit? Early or on-time payments? No evictions? You could still be denied residence at an apartment if you are a blacklisted tenant. What is a blacklisted tenant? read more

three people arguing over paperwork

10 Most Common Apartment Complaints Among Tenants

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Tenants have grumbled about their rented homes since the first ‘For Rent’ sign was posted. Complaints have changed over time, but the relationships between landlords, property managers and residents of rentals have always been fraught with difficulties. The Rental Protection Agency (RPA), a national reporting organization that monitors complaints about property managers and landlords in […] read more

Property manager inspects an apartment unit and makes note of a crack in the wall.

What Does My Landlord Look for During a Rental Inspection?

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Renters are aware of move-in and move-out inspections, but did you know that your landlord can also conduct rental inspections while you’re still living in their building? read more

Prospective tenant reading over a lease agreement.

Top 5 Universal Tenant Rights

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Whether you're new to the tenant scene or you've been renting for the last 20 years, every tenant has rights. Here are the top 5 universal tenant rights throughout the US. 1. Right to a safe living space read more

Person tears up a lease agreement over their desk.

What to Do When Your Landlord Breaks Your Rental Agreement

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Whether it’s minor complaints or major issues, most tenants have a tale (or tales) to tell about their rental history that involves an unsatisfactory or negligent landlord. read more

A written notice of rent increase next to stacks of coins and a calculator.

What to Do If Your Landlord Raises the Rent

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The financial pressure that comes from a rent raise can be overwhelming, to say the least. read more

Past Due

What to Do When You Need to Pay Your Rent Late

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Paying your rent on time is one of the basic tenets of adulthood, but sometimes unexpected things pop up that can temporarily derail you. Whether you just got laid off from your job, you were in a car accident and your insurance deductible shot up, or you had to lend a family member some cash […] read more

Woman negotiates a rent reduction with her landlord.

6 Tips for Negotiating a Rent Reduction with Your Landlord

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With the COVID-19 pandemic on the rise again and a second wave rapidly approaching, many of us are out of work and running out of cash with no end in sight. read more

Landlord-Tenant Act

Living Well and Stress-Free: Know Your Landlord-Tenant Rights

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Each state has a different Landlord-Tenant Act designed to protect the rights of both parties in a rental agreement. You'll have to check with the laws for your individual state to find out specifics, but this article covers some general rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants that are mostly consistent from state to state. read more