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Bad Landlord: How to Tell Before Signing a Lease

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Finding a place to rent can be a hassle. A house or apartment that seems too good to be true, is probably just that. No matter how dreamy your potential new home may be, you really should do your homework—not only on the property itself, but also on the person who will be renting it […] read more

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Smart Shopping: How to Avoid Disappointment in Your Apartment Choice

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Apartment shopping is often called a “hunt,” and it can definitely feel that way. Sneaking through the jungle of buildings, watching tirelessly for your prey: the perfect space to call home. And like a hunt, you often feel like you have to “pounce” to get the spot, leaving little time for comparisons or fine print. read more

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Looking for a Big-City Apartment? Here’s How to Find the Perfect Spot

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Finding an apartment in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, or any town that sports skyscrapers and is a well-known hub of metropolitan activity can be a challenge. If you rush into any old deal, it may wipe out your savings faster than you could have imagined. Don’t let that happen. It’s easy, instead, to […] read more

Tips for Choosing a Low-Maintenance Apartment

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Most of us choose our apartment for the look, the feel, the size, the location. We usually wait until after we move in to start thinking about how hard it might be to keep things working smoothly inside. Here are some easy tips to have in mind while you’re looking, to save some headaches and […] read more

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Moving With Someone? Find the Right Space for Both of You

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My husband and I just bought our first home. It’s just right for us, but it took a lot of… well, discussions to figure out what “just right” looked like to us. We had different priorities and different styles. We couldn’t agree on whether we were looking for the “right” neighborhood, needed a big kitchen, […] read more

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Vacationing in Your Home Town? Stay in (Another) Apartment

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Although you and your family may have dismissed the idea of staying in-state on your next vacation break, staycations are becoming quite popular—especially for those on tight budgets. However, staycation or not, everyone will no doubt be insistent on one thing: you’ll absolutely have to sleep somewhere other than in your regular digs for that […] read more

Exclusive: New York City has the Most Satisfied Renters, Boise the Least

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Renters are in an “Empire State of Mind” as today named New York City as the city with the most satisfied apartment renters in the United States. We’ve compiled a list of U.S. cities ranked by renter satisfaction after analyzing hundreds of thousands of reviews submitted in 2015. New York City topped the […] read more

Apartments With Stunning Views

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Who wouldn’t want a vacation rental or an apartment with a pleasing view, right? It might not be on your list of druthers – you know, that checklist of what you absolutely MUST HAVE for you to sign a short-term or long-term lease – but it’s way up there in terms of features which are […] read more

Red Flags to Identify before Renting an Apartment

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Before renting an apartment, you will want to check it out first. This doesn’t mean show up once and do a simple walk through of the place and then sign the lease. That’s a cursory viewing of a place at best and can’t really be considered due diligence. By spending more time looking at the […] read more