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Guest Bedroom

5 Ways to Use a Guest Bedroom — Other than for Guests

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An extra bedroom is one of the few things apartment dwellers everywhere dream of. It’s so much more than an additional amount of space — it’s also an opportunity to be creative with its use. And while it’s certainly helpful to have the extra space just in case a guest sleeps over, the reality is […] read more

How to Make a Home Theater System Blend into the Decor

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A home theater system can provide hours of entertainment for you and your guests. However, with its wires, speakers, receivers, amplifiers and other elements it can also make for an unsightly display in your living room. To avoid this, it is essential to blend your home theater system into your décor. Measure the Available Space […] read more

Three Essential Ingredients for a Home Theater

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Three components are required when building a home theater. To build your own home theater, a lot of money needs not be spent and a lot of pieces need not be purchased. These three components ensure an efficient home theater. Flat Screen TV The television might be a given, but upgrading to a flat-screen high-definition […] read more