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Financially-troubled tenant holds up rent relief sign.

Renter 911: These Rent Relief Resources are Here to Help

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Life happens sometimes. When it does, it can often have a negative impact on your wallet — and that means difficulty paying your bills, expenses, and even your monthly rent. read more

Past Due

What to Do When You Need to Pay Your Rent Late

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Paying your rent on time is one of the basic tenets of adulthood, but sometimes unexpected things pop up that can temporarily derail you. Whether you just got laid off from your job, you were in a car accident and your insurance deductible shot up, or you had to lend a family member some cash […] read more

A gloved hand hands over a set of keys to a new apartment.

What’s the Latest? Important New Rental Law Revisions for COVID-19

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While government restrictions related to COVID-19 ease up across the country a little more each day, millions of people are still out of work and struggling to overcome a myriad of economic challenges. Of those people, paying rent without an income is almost always among the biggest struggles. read more

Public Housing in New York City

Public Housing and Rental Assistance Basics

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Trying to get public housing or rent assistance can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. Understanding what recipients of aid go through can also be difficult for those who earn more money or have fewer family obligations. Below is a gathering of information that will help you understand the public housing system and how to use it to meet your and your family’s needs if necessary. read more

What to Do if You’ve Received a Rent Increase Letter

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Your entire day, week or month can go sour, when you receive a rent increase letter. It’s a normal part of apartment living, and landlords send one to tenants every now an then. Some landlords go overboard and send a rent increase letter every 3 months or so, often violating state renting laws. There are […] read more

How to Rent an Apartment with Only a Part-Time Job

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If you work part-time, you need to learn how to rent an apartment with little money. Getting into an apartment with a part-time job is tricky, but if your rental application was approved or the landlord agreed to rent to you anyway, then keeping the rental unit is your next big challenge. You can do […] read more

Renting an Apartment: Why Are Units of the Same Size Priced Differently?

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It’s frustrating to think that you’re paying more for renting an apartment that’s the same size as your neighbors’. The fact that the landlord down the street charges a different price isn’t bothersome, but it is when the neighbor downstairs is paying less rent to the same landlord as you. This is common, and most […] read more

Using Student Loans to Pay for Off-Campus Housing

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Off campus housing can be expensive, particularly when you are living on a student budget. Fortunately, after fully paying your tuition you are able to use any remaining student loan funds however you choose, including your rent. Using your student loans to pay for rent is not difficult but does require planning. The Funds You […] read more

5 Reasons Landlords Do Not Accept Prepaid Rent

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It might seem like a winning proposition for a landlord to accept prepaid rent. After all, having a lump sum of cash is great. It’s a guarantee that you’ll pay rent and on time, because you did in advance. However, it’s not a good idea for all landlords to accept prepaid rent, and there are […] read more