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Guest Bedroom

5 Ways to Use a Guest Bedroom — Other than for Guests

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An extra bedroom is one of the few things apartment dwellers everywhere dream of. It’s so much more than an additional amount of space — it’s also an opportunity to be creative with its use. And while it’s certainly helpful to have the extra space just in case a guest sleeps over, the reality is […] read more

Pets and Your Baby: Is an Apartment Big Enough for Both?

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When it comes time to consider whether you are ready to have a baby, you may also consider whether your apartment and living spaces are ready as well. One consideration many parents-to-be have is how a pet will deal with a baby and how to protect their baby’s safety. Dogs, Cats and Babies How your […] read more

Babies and One Bedroom Apartments: When Is It Time to Upgrade?

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Searching for one bedroom apartments when you’re expecting a baby is not a bad idea. If you’re already in one, then there are ways to make the room comfortable for you and your baby and you may not have to upgrade to a two-bed apartment for a few years. A baby doesn’t require much space […] read more

Make the Most out of Apartment Storage Space

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Making the most out of your apartment storage space means expanding the space you have to work with. Since the free space for storage is limited in an apartment, you have to think of ways to maximize efficiency when storing items away. Identifying Unused Space In most apartments, space is limited. When you consider what […] read more

Pros and Cons of a Loft-Style Apartment

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Living in a loft style apartment has its advantages and disadvantages. This nontraditional style gives you a more contemporary aesthetic and is great if you’re looking for an apartment unit that is anything but standard. Here are some of the pros and cons of loft-style apartments. 1. Pro: The Apartment Feels More Open One of […] read more