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A simple, organized bathroom beauty product/toiletry display.

Tips for Displaying Your Beauty Products and Toiletries

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Everyone loves an organized bathroom, especially when all your products and essentials are stored in their proper places and easily within reach. read more

Three young men sharing a bathroom.

The Beginner’s Guide to Sharing a Bathroom

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Bathroom space is sacred. After all, the bathroom is the place where we pump ourselves up for the upcoming day, primp ourselves for a big meeting or first date, and try out new products on the weekends when we’re trying to relax. Because bathroom space is so valuable, it may be difficult for you to […] read more

Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Storage Tips

You hear it all the time: apartment dwellers complaining about how small their bathrooms are. With nowhere to store beauty products or bathroom linens, most people find themselves having to either forego buying these products altogether or keep them out in the open, leaving their bathrooms looking cluttered and disorganized. read more

Ceiling Storage: Your Highest Stowing Potential

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When room storage space is at a premium, specifically in an apartment that offers no attic or cellar space, look up! There is plenty of unused space at ceiling height that can be creatively transformed into a useful storage area. Top of the Kitchen Cabinets Many kitchen cabinets are not hung flush with the ceiling. […] read more

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Under the Sink

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Apartment bathrooms tend to be smaller with bathroom storage being even smaller. This can make it difficult to keep a well-organized bathroom with all of the things you need to complete routine tasks in the bathroom. Some apartment renters end up storing items in their bedrooms and using a caddy back and forth, the same […] read more

5 Inexpensive Bathroom Storage Solutions

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Most apartments aren’t known for their ample bathroom storage space. If you need to figure out a more efficient way of storing toiletries, towels and other items in your small bathroom, try one of these inexpensive solutions: 1 – Over Toilet Shelving and Storage Perhaps the most expensive bathroom storage item on the list, but […] read more

Organizing Your Teeny Tiny Bathroom

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There are more than a few apartment landlords who really seem to think that two square feet are more than ample when it comes to bathroom space. You've probably seen plenty of apartments with bathrooms where you can't really even be sure how they shoehorned a shower into the room. read more

Over Toilet Shelving Creates Bathroom Space

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Is the bathroom in your apartment too small? Is your newspaper/magazine in the living room when you go into the bathroom to take care of business? Is your towel always on the floor? It’s time to pick it up and get a towel rack that goes above your toilet. This storage unit is easy to install, reasonably priced, and has many uses. read more