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Large Looking Apartment

Ingenious Ways to Make Your Apartment Look Bigger

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A living space can look so big when it’s empty that you can’t even begin to imagine how your sparse furniture collection would ever transform it into a home. But once you unpack all the boxes, you often feel like you’re wedged in the middle of a storage unit gasping for air. read more


Save Space — Decorate the Parisian Way!

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Paris is the city of love. It’s the city of lights. It’s the city where you can live “la vie en rose.” And yet, it’s also a city that was built over 2,000 years ago — long before its founders had any idea how large it would become in the coming millennia. In an effort […] read more

Make the Most out of Apartment Storage Space

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Making the most out of your apartment storage space means expanding the space you have to work with. Since the free space for storage is limited in an apartment, you have to think of ways to maximize efficiency when storing items away. Identifying Unused Space In most apartments, space is limited. When you consider what […] read more

4 Tips for a Tidy Work Space

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One of the ways you can make the time you spend at work more enjoyable is by having a tidy work space. The following tips then can help get your organized so you can have a neater desk and area at work. 1. Manage your Space Manage your space first by organizing what you need and don’t need when you’re […] read more

Space-Saving Ideas: The Practicality of a Corner Desk

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When it comes to space saving ideas, some can be trickier than others. All houses require some of the same large pieces of furniture, such as a desk. A desk is a necessity in almost any home, but not all homes have an overabundance of  floor space. This is where the practicality of a corner […] read more

Space-Saving Ideas: The Benefits of a Stackable Washer-Dryer

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A stackable washer and dryer is the best space-saving idea when it comes to laundry needs. Traditional washing machines and dryers can be bulky and require twice as much space on the ground. Some apartments are not large enough to hold both, leaving those tenants no option but to go to a public laundromat or […] read more

Space Saving Ideas: 4 Tips to Maximize Bookshelf Space

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If you’re looking for space saving ideas, then look no further than your bookshelf. Do you have books on the floor, on your end tables or on your kitchen table? If so, it could be because you don’t know how to maximize bookshelf space. Use the following 4 tips and get your books back to […] read more

Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas

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Kitchen decorating ideas depend on the amount of space you have available and your budget. If you want a country design for your kitchen, here are some ideas to get you started. Kitchen Cabinets Knotty pine is the best choice for an overall country appearance. The knots provide a rustic appearance that sets the mood […] read more

5 Space-Saving Office Furniture Ideas

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Space saving office furniture can make it possible to have a home office, even in the smallest of apartments. In studio apartments and other small apartments, people seem forced to use notebook computers on their couches, beds or kitchen tables–forget desktop computers, printers, scanners and other computer accessories (forget function and organization). However, small space […] read more