Small Bathroom Storage Tips

Small Bathroom

You hear it all the time: apartment dwellers complaining about how small their bathrooms are. With nowhere to store beauty products or bathroom linens, most people find themselves having to either forego buying these products altogether or keep them out in the open, leaving their bathrooms looking cluttered and disorganized. Thankfully, companies have finally discovered that we don’t all live in 3,000 square foot houses and are starting to release some great space-saving products to help you solve your bathroom storage crisis. Here are some of our favorite items and ideas:

Spice Racks

Do you have a lot of hair and makeup products that always seem to be crowding the bathroom sink (and, let’s be honest, the floor)? Save some space and organize your toiletries by hanging a few spice racks on a bathroom wall. We can’t promise you that it’ll make your morning routine an absolute breeze, but it’ll at least keep your stuff out of the way.

Magnetic Tape

How many times have you bought a pack of bobby pins only to have them all disappear over the course of a month? How many times have you realized that you’ve misplaced the nail clippers right before giving yourself a manicure? If your small bathroom has a medicine cabinet, consider mounting a strip of magnetic tape to the inside of the door and voila: instant storage for bobby pins, nail clippers, and tweezers! Those who don’t have medicine cabinets can still utilize this inexpensive storage technique by simply placing the magnetic tape on a bathroom wall.

Miniature Under-the-Counter Storage Units

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom with under-the-counter cabinet space, be sure to make the most of it. Use small three-drawer organizers to store first-aid items, hair tools, extra soap, razors, and washcloths.

Cabinet Door Storage

Keep in mind that your bathroom door is another great place to store loose items. Attach a magazine holder or a vanity storage rack to the inside of the door. Here, you’ll be able to hold anything from hair straighteners to an extensive nail polish collection.

Over-the-Toilet Rack or Cabinet

Over-the-toilet cabinets have become bathroom staples for a reason. Install a rack or cabinet above your toilet for some extra toilet paper, towel, washcloth, and razor storage. This is a great way to utilize what would otherwise be dead space.

Install a Mirror with a Storage Compartment

Most apartments come with a standard builder grade mirror, which isn’t particularly admirable in terms of design or storage. Ask your landlord if you can temporarily replace that mirror with one that includes a built-in storage compartment. You’ll gain a place to properly store your medicines and cosmetics while simultaneously improving your bathroom’s appearance.

Over-the-Door Storage

In small apartments, the bathroom is often the only place where people can store supplies like mops or brooms. Place a rack or set of S-hooks at the top of your bathroom door to create an easily accessible hanging space for cleaning supplies. Alternatively, you can invest in an over-the-door shoe rack to store rags, sponges, SOS pads, and anything else you might need to clean your apartment. Those who have been blessed with high ceilings can also choose to install a shelf above their bathroom door to make room for a few extra linens or rolls of toilet paper. Over-the-door shelves are especially helpful for freeing up space under the sink or in your medicine cabinet.

Hanging Baskets On the Wall

When it comes to small spaces, vertical storage is the way to go. Hanging baskets from a wall can bring a stylish aesthetic to your bathroom and will provide you with a decent place to store the things you were unable to fit under the sink or above the toilet.

Pedestal Sink Shelving Units

Pedestal sinks may look great, but they’re unfortunately not ideal for storage. Luckily, there are now several shelving units made specifically to fit beneath pedestal sinks. Pick some of them up at your local furniture store, and you’ll finally have a place to keep your cosmetics, hair dryer, spare toilet paper, and bath products. Measure the height of your sink before committing to anything to make sure you aren’t buying shelves that will extend too far out and crowd your already limited walking space.

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