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Bad bathroom habits are easy to miss, and they can just as easily lead to nasty results like this.

6 Bad Bathroom Habits to Kick for Healthy Living

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Do you actually enjoy using your bathroom, or do you usually feel like getting in and out within the shortest time possible? read more

Three young men sharing a bathroom.

The Beginner’s Guide to Sharing a Bathroom

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Bathroom space is sacred. After all, the bathroom is the place where we pump ourselves up for the upcoming day, primp ourselves for a big meeting or first date, and try out new products on the weekends when we’re trying to relax. Because bathroom space is so valuable, it may be difficult for you to […] read more

Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Storage Tips

You hear it all the time: apartment dwellers complaining about how small their bathrooms are. With nowhere to store beauty products or bathroom linens, most people find themselves having to either forego buying these products altogether or keep them out in the open, leaving their bathrooms looking cluttered and disorganized. read more

Tile Selection for a Tradition Bathroom Design

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When choosing your bathroom design, you may get as elaborate as any area of your home. However, choosing elegant or practical items to place within the bath, your tile flooring is a great place to start and set the tone for remainder of the room. As many designers will agree, your bathroom ideas and kitchen […] read more