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Integrating Decor With a New Roommate?

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Moving in with someone new poses many challenges, beyond just making sure it’s the right personality fit. A home is the most personal of spaces and when getting a new roommate, you are inviting someone into the deepest part of your life. Especially if that someone new is not someone you knew before. One of […] read more

Notice Requirements for Landlords Entering Rented Property – By State

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Below are the notice requirements for the amount of notice landlords must give tenants before they enter a rented property (in non-emergency situations). For more details, see your state’s landlord-tenant statutes. Source – State – Amount of Notice Required Alabama – Two days Alaska – 24 hours Arizona – Two days Arkansas – No […] read more

Security Deposit Return Laws: Landlord Deadlines By State

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There are laws on security deposit return, particularly on the amount of time a landlord has to return a tenant’s security deposit after vacating a property. For details on your state’s specific procedures for returning security deposits, see your state’s landlord-tenant statutes. Source: read more

Moving Tips: How to Pack for a Move

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Packing typically isn’t a chore people enjoy, but it is something most of us have or will have to do at some point. While packing before a move isn’t necessarily enjoyable (or easy), it is a necessity. Learning how to properly pack and transport your furniture, appliances, household goods, and electronics it critical to ensuring […] read more

Best Houston Apartments – Great Uptown Area

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The Great Uptown neighborhood of Houston, Texas is one of the most highly sought after locations on and now we’ve made finding your dream apartment even easier. Check out the top five apartment complexes in the area, each of which has glowing recommendations by over 75% of users. Listed in descending order, each […] read more

A Guide to Living in Austin, Texas

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Living in Austin, a city where having character counts and being “weird” is welcomed, is an experience enjoyed by 1.2 million Texas residents. Austin’s culture and lifestyle vacillates between New Urban and classic ways. A place where laid back, old fashioned neighborhoods collide with bustling modern areas, Austin, the capital and fourth largest city in […] read more

Tenant Security Deposit Cleaning Fees: What Can Your Landlord Legally Deduct?

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Typically, landlords may charge tenants a rental deposit for any cleaning or repairs necessary to restore the rental unit to its condition at the beginning of the tenancy. Landlords may not, however, use the tenant’s security deposit to cover the costs of ordinary wear and tear. Here are examples of wear and tear versus damage […] read more

Rental Security Deposit Limits by State

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This chart shows the rental security deposit limit landlords can charge in each state. “No statutory limit” means that the state does not specify the amount landlords can charge. For specific laws in your state, see your state’s landlord-tenant statutes. Source: read more

Your Renter’s Rights to Repairs: How To Negotiate Before Signing a Lease

Before signing, it is imperative to negotiate the terms of a lease to address and convey your renter’s rights. Not only does a lease speak to your personal financial agreement, but also it addresses any current and future repairs that might arise throughout the duration of your lease. The Basic Requirements for Renting Properties A […] read more