Tips for Displaying Your Beauty Products and Toiletries

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A simple, organized bathroom beauty product/toiletry display.

Everyone loves an organized bathroom, especially when all your products and essentials are stored in their proper places and easily within reach. Not only does this make it easier to keep your bathroom clean, but it’s also a great way to take your decor to the next level.

With plenty of ideas for bathroom product and toiletry displays, the guide below is sure to help you to store your stuff with both style and function in mind.

The First Step

The first thing to do before deciding on the right toiletry display is to do some spring cleaning (sigh). While this may sound like a boring chore, it will help you plan in the short run and keep everything better organized in the long run.

Start by getting rid of any expired products (sunscreen from 2014, anyone?). If you haven’t used it or even seen it for six months or more, chances are it’s time to go in the bin. Many cosmetics and beauty products do have a shelf life, after all, so it’s always best to check what’s new(ish) and what looks like a science experiment gone wrong.

Tip: If a product is simply unwanted, and not expired or past its prime, consider donating it to a friend or local shelter. Otherwise, be sure to dispose of any unwanted beauty products safely by throwing the contents in the trash before recycling the containers. Here are more tips for getting rid of your unwanted toiletries safely.

Get Organized

Stylish bathroom shelves like these make for great toiletry displays.

Now that the tough part is over, it’s time for the fun to begin: deciding on how and where you’re going to store your remaining products. Since you’ve already decided on a display (rather than putting them in a cabinet or drawer), now is the time to figure out what you want to use to show off your freshly cleaned and organized products. Below are just some of our fave ideas for storing your products and toiletries neatly and creatively.

Shelves 101

Shelves come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and styles. Before you start shopping, think about what will work best in your space. Wall shelves are ideal for those with minimal space, while those with some counter space may want to minimize clutter with a stylish countertop shelf. This metal wall shelf from West Elm is ideal for those smaller spaces, and it even has a handy place to hang a towel or dressing gown. If you prefer a more rustic look, this Sunny Side 2-piece shelf from Wayfair is not only stylish, but easy to stain to match your decor perfectly (for all you DIYers out there). Looking for a cute way to store your towels? This Linon shelf from Amazon is perfect for stashing rolled up towels, and it also has hangers for additional items.

Maybe a cabinet is more your style? A chic cabinet practically counts as a shelf, but it’s even better because the doors keep dust and dirt out, while a glass front shows off your products in a truly eye-catching way. This Symphony wall cabinet from Target has adjustable shelves and makes a luxe addition to any space.

Now for those countertops. The last thing you want to do is clutter up your newly cleaned and organized bathroom space, so depending how much countertop real estate you have, you could go with a number of options here. Keep it simple with this organizer for your toothbrush and toothpaste, or switch it up and go for the gold with this multi-compartment organizer from Kryllic. The best part is, you get to decide how you want to store your items: with a minimalist flair, or with a coordinated (but not messy) form of clutter.

Clear Containers That Make the Grade

When it comes to bathroom storage, you really can't go wrong with clear containers like these.

A great way to add to any bathroom display is to have everything organized into neat, clear containers. Items like Q-tips, feminine products, lotions, nail polishes, razors, and more all benefit from clear containers that keep everything in its place — easy to find, yet attractive to any visitors to your home.

The Container Store is a great place to start here, as they have every shape, size, and type of container you could ever want. These Bliss acrylic containers are our personal faves, as they come in different sizes and are super easy to keep clean. If you prefer a more sophisticated, polished look, these apothecary jars certainly fit the bill. More of a cubist? Then you’ll love these Square Acrylic canisters.

If stacking is more your thing, then give these mDesign storage boxes a look. They’re perfect for larger items that won’t fit anywhere else. Otherwise, these stackable shelves from Target are the next best thing to clear, plus they’re big enough to store paper products like toilet paper and tissues. These nesting bins from Bed Bath & Beyond also do the trick by keeping like items close together.

Creative Storage/Display Solutions

Here at ApartmentRatings, we love repurposing items and getting creative with our storage. Here are just a few of our favorite ways to store, with eye-catching solutions that bring a bit of the unexpected to any bathroom they’re implemented in.

Snazzy bathroom soap dish available on Etsy.

Want to store your soap front and center? Then stack it on a vintage soap dish like this one from Etsy, or get creative by placing it on a small vintage plate from a local flea market or yard sale.

Toilet paper storage also gets an upgrade if you use a vintage bucket or basket. Often, these can be found in thrift stores and just need a little TLC before being transformed into a chic storage solution.

If you’d rather display your items without plastics, glass, or acrylics, there are also plenty of repurposed wood options available. Vintage sewing machine drawers double as a crafty storage solution, while a planter box can be used to store linens or paper products instead of actual plants. This vintage wooden spice rack would also be perfect for displaying all your products and showing your creative side.

Whether you decide to display your bathroom products with vintage flair or stacked containers, with acrylics or wall shelves, all it takes is a little inspiration to create the perfect organizational system for keeping your home clean and wowing your guests.

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