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Ceiling Storage: Your Highest Stowing Potential

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When room storage space is at a premium, specifically in an apartment that offers no attic or cellar space, look up! There is plenty of unused space at ceiling height that can be creatively transformed into a useful storage area. Top of the Kitchen Cabinets Many kitchen cabinets are not hung flush with the ceiling. […] read more

Is a Mobile Storage Unit Right for You?

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Undertaking a long-distance move can be a real hassle--especially if your move-out and move-in dates don't coincide. Movers can find themselves in between apartment leases anywhere from few days to a few months for a variety of reasons. Some are unable to find an apartment in a new city before their old lease ends. Others leave a gap in between rentals to travel. Still others find themselves stuck between an old lease that ends on the first of the month and a new one that begins on the fifteenth. Renters faced with any of these situations need to figure out what to what to do with their stuff in the meantime. read more

Space-Saving Ideas Under $50

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On a tight budget in a tiny apartment? Here are our top ten space-saving ideas that will cost you $50 or less -- perfect for those of you who are trying to save money and space at the same time. All prices on the items below were under $50 as of the post date. read more

Finding Hidden Storage in Your Apartment

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One of the challenges of living in a small apartment is finding enough space to store all of your things. If moving to a bigger place or renting a storage space aren’t options, you’ll have to find existing space in the apartment you have now. Here are some hidden storage spaces you may not have considered: read more

Ideas for Decorating Your Bedroom

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Decorating the bedroom can be a tough task. Designers usually advise to make one piece of furniture the focal point of a room, and in the bedroom it can be hard to make anything but the bed become the focal point. However, there are countless ways to make your bed become more interesting, and you can also make an effort to center the room on a piece of furniture other than the bed. Read on to learn how to transition your bedroom from boring to beautiful. read more

Apartment Living Gift Guide

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Almost everyone has an apartment-dwelling pal or two. And whether your apartment-renting friends are young or old, male or female, liberal or Libertarian, they’ll always appreciate a unique gift that helps make apartment living easier. Such gifts can range from cheap to expensive, colorful to demure, and big to small, but they’re all focused on one thing: making apartment living easier. read more