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Clogged Shower Drain

Our Top Tips for Unclogging a Blocked Shower Drain

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We’ve all been there: you’re enjoying a nice relaxing shower, when you suddenly notice the water isn’t going down, or is draining very slowly — even without any visible obstructions. read more

Bad bathroom habits are easy to miss, and they can just as easily lead to nasty results like this.

6 Bad Bathroom Habits to Kick for Healthy Living

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Do you actually enjoy using your bathroom, or do you usually feel like getting in and out within the shortest time possible? read more

customized bathroom

8 Hacks That Will Transform Your Rental Bathroom

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When you toured your rental home for the first time, it’s likely that you braced yourself when you looked at the bathroom. Ranging from the “eh, it’s okay” to wondering if you’ll just skip showers for a year, rental bathrooms are often the most polarizing room of the house. That doesn’t mean that they are […] read more

Spa-Like Bathroom

Giving Your Bathroom A Spa-Like Makeover

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When we’ve had a rough week and need a little pampering, it can be fun to go to the spa — but all of those sugar scrubs, massages, and pedicures can start to add up pretty fast. Instead of forking over wads of cash for spa treatments, you should consider making yourself a retreat at […] read more

First Apartment

My First Apartment: A List of Things to Buy for Your New Place

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Your first apartment is an exciting milestone. You’re stepping out on your own (whether it’s from your parent’s place or you will finally be living without a roommate), and it’s something that should be celebrated. read more

Rethinking Apartment Bathrooms

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You are not alone if you want to make your bathroom more than a quick stop-in closet. I mean, we all need to use a bathroom for our morning and evening ablutions, and periodically throughout the day to keep the internal piping moving along, but we ALSO consider it a spa of sorts, don’t we? […] read more


5 Ways to Maximize Bathroom Space

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Bathrooms are traditionally small in most apartments. Sure, there will always be the odd master bath in certain unique apartments, like those that have been converted from old homes or business into apartment space. But for the most part, the bathroom is one of the smaller rooms because very little is really needed in the […] read more


6 Ways to Free Up Bathroom Space

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By Sarah Karney The bathroom is where most of the items you regularly use are kept, yet most apartments lack the space to store even half of your daily necessities. By optimizing wall space and organizing the cabinet and counter space you do have, you can have a clean, clutter-free place to get ready for […] read more


5 Green Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom

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If you are trying to keep your bathrooms looking good without caustic chemicals and traditional high-power cleaners, try these green cleaning tips to help get your showers, sinks, toilets and floors sparkling using natural means. A few good guidelines are helping homeowners and renters take care of their homes without intense chemical formulations. 1. Use […] read more