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Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Storage Tips

You hear it all the time: apartment dwellers complaining about how small their bathrooms are. With nowhere to store beauty products or bathroom linens, most people find themselves having to either forego buying these products altogether or keep them out in the open, leaving their bathrooms looking cluttered and disorganized. read more

Ceiling Storage: Your Highest Stowing Potential

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When room storage space is at a premium, specifically in an apartment that offers no attic or cellar space, look up! There is plenty of unused space at ceiling height that can be creatively transformed into a useful storage area. Top of the Kitchen Cabinets Many kitchen cabinets are not hung flush with the ceiling. […] read more

4 Vertical Gardening Ideas for Your Apartment

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There are several vertical gardening ideas that can you make use of to grow a large number of plants in a limited space. A vertical garden allows you to work upwards instead of outwards, and this not only helps to increase the yield of your crops but also ensures that all plants get the necessary […] read more

Four Plants for Hanging Baskets

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Plants in hanging baskets are well-suited to apartment living as they enhance any decor and take up little space. Several houseplants work out well in hanging baskets and include such varieties as bougainvillea, trailing abutilon, fuchsia and ivy-leaved geraniums. #1 – The Bougainvillea Plant Native to Brazil, the bougainvillea is a vining plant that has […] read more