Ceiling Storage: Your Highest Stowing Potential

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When room storage space is at a premium, specifically in an apartment that offers no attic or cellar space, look up! There is plenty of unused space at ceiling height that can be creatively transformed into a useful storage area.

Top of the Kitchen Cabinets

Many kitchen cabinets are not hung flush with the ceiling. Such kitchen designs create great storage areas atop the cabinets. Typically, this is a significantly sized space to amass many infrequently used items. Make the area look fun and colorful while still serving a practical purpose. Fill baskets or color-coordinated boxes with items you want stashed away.

Bathroom Height

Rather than leaving blank wall space or hanging an obscure picture above a toilet, purchase a stand-alone shelving unit that fits around the commode and poses as a great storage space. Many different designs are available to suit your needs, some with shelves and others with a closed cabinet and shelf combination. Additionally, use the space on top of the unit for a basket or decorative box.

Exposed Netting

Originally designed to elevate overflowing stuffed animals from a child’s bed or toy room, a hanging corner net can actually hold almost anything that is soft and formable. The corners of triangular nets are held in place with small hooks. Exposed netting can hold towels, pillows and other items that don’t risk falling through the netting.

Pulley System

Our last suggestion for utilizing ceiling height storage is to create a basket-raising pulley system. Take colorful baskets or bins and hang them from the ceiling of a room using two pulleys (one at the top of a wall, one between a foot and three feet out from the wall on the ceiling).  To retrieve an item, easily lower the basket using a rope. Return the basket to ceiling level for storage.

However you design your ceiling height storage for your apartment, be creative and think outside the box.

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