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A simple, organized bathroom beauty product/toiletry display.

Tips for Displaying Your Beauty Products and Toiletries

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Everyone loves an organized bathroom, especially when all your products and essentials are stored in their proper places and easily within reach. read more

customized bathroom

8 Hacks That Will Transform Your Rental Bathroom

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When you toured your rental home for the first time, it’s likely that you braced yourself when you looked at the bathroom. Ranging from the “eh, it’s okay” to wondering if you’ll just skip showers for a year, rental bathrooms are often the most polarizing room of the house. That doesn’t mean that they are […] read more

Spa-Like Bathroom

Giving Your Bathroom A Spa-Like Makeover

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When we’ve had a rough week and need a little pampering, it can be fun to go to the spa — but all of those sugar scrubs, massages, and pedicures can start to add up pretty fast. Instead of forking over wads of cash for spa treatments, you should consider making yourself a retreat at […] read more

Creative Kids’ Bathroom Decor

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You can have a lot of fun when it comes to creative kids’ bathroom decor. Every child’s bathroom can be as unique as he is. There’s no reason why equal creative attention cannot be given to this room. It can make teeth brushing and nightly bath time more of an adventure than a chore. Imitation […] read more

Going Green in Your Bathroom: 3 Useful Tips

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If you and your family have decided to make some changes around your home, and are going green, then the bathroom is a great place to get started. There are many things you can do in the bathroom to make some big changes in water and energy conservation in your home. Going green in your […] read more

Green Bathroom Ideas that Balance Style with Sustainability

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When your looking for bathroom ideas, don’t forget the green. Making eco-friendly choices in your home can reduce the impact that you have on the earth’s resources as well as your wallet. You don’t have to sacrifice style when you’re making these changes. Many of today’s earth-friendly options look great as well. When you are […] read more

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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Check out the small bathroom design ideas below, and learn how you can turn your small space into something larger in perspective! Features That Stand Out By adding a mirror, you are actually doubling your space in view. A mirror reflects everything from light to objects, and it will give your bathroom a larger appearance. […] read more

4 Types of Bathroom Furniture Explained

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Knowing the different types of bathroom furniture will help you make the right choices for decorating. Your bathroom may be the smallest room in your house, but it’s one of the rooms your guests will visit. Therefore, you should do what you can to make it look pleasing to the eye. Here are 4 types […] read more

Getting Ideas for Decorating Bathrooms

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With so many ideas for decorating bathrooms, you can get distracted by all the latest fixtures and pricey wall units. But what many forget to consider is the size of the bathroom when they start to dress it up. To enhance a small room, you need to maximize the space and bring in just the right […] read more