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Bathroom Storage Ideas: Under the Sink

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Apartment bathrooms tend to be smaller with bathroom storage being even smaller. This can make it difficult to keep a well-organized bathroom with all of the things you need to complete routine tasks in the bathroom. Some apartment renters end up storing items in their bedrooms and using a caddy back and forth, the same […] read more

What Is the Right Self-Storage Service for You

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The right self storage service for you depends on what your particular needs are. There are several self storage and moving companies to choose from, which can make your need to move that much more overwhelming. But before you make any decisions about which company to choose, you need to make sure that you have […] read more

The Basics of Storage Insurance

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If you are going to place your personal possessions in a self-storage unit, then you should most definitely check out the options of storage insurance. It is a common myth that storage companies offer complimentary storage insurance and many renters find that they are taken in by this gimmick when something does go wrong. Self-storage […] read more

Stow Your Stuff on the Cheap with Portable Self Rental Units

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If you’re looking for a storage rental solution that won’t have you spending hundreds of dollars, portable self rental units might be just the thing. These kinds of portable storage units are providing the basis for many more moves, both short-term and long-term, that today’s households are considering for vacating a home or residence or […] read more

What to Do with Your Furniture: Moving and Storage

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There is a lot to think about regarding moving and storage in any kind of relocation situation. One of those issues is what to do with old furniture. In some cases, households will want to take their sofas, chairs and other furniture with them. Other times it might be best to dump the old and […] read more