5 Inexpensive Bathroom Storage Solutions

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Most apartments aren’t known for their ample bathroom storage space. If you need to figure out a more efficient way of storing toiletries, towels and other items in your small bathroom, try one of these inexpensive solutions:

1 – Over Toilet Shelving and Storage

Perhaps the most expensive bathroom storage item on the list, but nonetheless one of the most important, is over toilet shelving. These units surround a toilet and provide shelf space in what is otherwise unusable space because the toilet takes up so much room in a bathroom. You can purchase elaborate shelving for starting at around $40 to $100, but you can also make makeshift shelving yourself. If your DIY skills are a little rusty, just place a toiletries organizer directly on top of the toilet tank to use the space up somehow.

2 – Multi-Tier Lazy Susan

Storage baskets and containers under the sink and in cabinets can help organize a pile of sloppily stored items, but the best bathroom storage solution is a multi-tier lazy susan, so you can easily spin around the shelving to access any item you need at any time. You can buy a lazy susan with multiple levels for around $15 to $25.

3 – Vacuum Pack Towels and Linens

Most people have more towels than they need, so they take up a lot of space on towel racks, in linen closets and under the bathroom sink. If you can’t part with any of your towels, use vacuum storage bags on dry, clean towels to reduce the amount of space the towels take up by 2/3. You can buy multi-packs of these bags for just $10 to $15.

4 – Suction Cups and Racks on the Door

Another oft-overlooked location for bathroom storage is the back of the door. You may not be able to permanently drill holes in an apartment door, but you can easily place heavy-duty suction cups and removable towel racks on the back of the door. You can then hang towels, clean/dirty clothes, mesh sponges, soap on a rope, hair towels, jewelry, watches and any other thing you can think of that you need to keep from getting wet and quickly grab on the go. A removable towel rack may cost around $20 to $30 and a multi-pack of heavy-duty suction cups will cost only $5 to $10.

5 – Use Medicine Cabinet Organizers

Having to rifle through medications, beauty products, bandages, ointments, nail clippers, tweezers, toiletries and more every time you open your medicine cabinet can make you wish you never have to open it again. Get everything organized with a series of medicine cabinet organizers or even something as simple as pencil cups. Place the most often used items on the bottom shelves and the less often used items on the top. Pencil cups you can find for under $5 and medicine cabinet organizers run from $5 to $15.

Inexpensive bathroom storage is a must for any apartment dweller on a budget. Any number of these tips can give you ample space for storage in even the smallest of bathrooms—and at very little cost.

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