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Bring Some Pizzazz to Your Outdoor Space

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a yard or patio at your apartment, the area can be used to great advantage. This is the case whether your outdoor space is an entire patio, a balcony, a mini yard with only enough room for a few flower pots…or even if your “yard” is the landing of […] read more

Holiday Gift Guide for Small Spaces

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The holiday season is here and that means lots of shopping trips! We all love having shiny boxes to unwrap, but unfortunately for a lot of apartment-dwellers, the gift inside often ends up simply filling space that’s already at a major premium. Tiny spaces don’t have to mean you miss out on the gift giving […] read more

Ceiling Storage: Your Highest Stowing Potential

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When room storage space is at a premium, specifically in an apartment that offers no attic or cellar space, look up! There is plenty of unused space at ceiling height that can be creatively transformed into a useful storage area. Top of the Kitchen Cabinets Many kitchen cabinets are not hung flush with the ceiling. […] read more

No Wall Needed: Horizontal Murphy Beds

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Horizontal Murphy beds are a perfect solution if you live in a small apartment with a low ceiling. Such beds are ideal in lofts, attics or basements and can be raised and folded horizontally on their side when not in use. Horizontal Murphy Beds A horizontal Murphy bed requires enough wall space to cover the […] read more

Bathing a Baby: What to Do without a Bathtub

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Bathing a baby could be quite a challenging task for first-time mothers. The task can be even more complex if it has to be performed without the help of a bathtub. Some parents use the kitchen sink in place of a baby bathtub. However, using the kitchen sink to bathe your baby has its own […] read more

Room to Grow: Building a Modular Home Office

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A modular home office is a workspace incorporated into your home. Such an office is required when your work culture requires you to be able to work 24/7. A modular home is a home prepared by a manufacturer in a factory. Such homes have to conform to the building codes of the location where they […] read more

Two In One: Adding a Muphy Bed Desk to Your Apartment

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A Murphy bed desk can be used as a both bed and a desk. It can be easily installed with simple tools and looks like a study area that’s attached to a cabinet. You can pivot the study area away and bring down the cabinet wall when it’s time to sleep. Everything on the desk […] read more

Getting the Most Out of Your Studio Apartment Furniture

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Studio apartment furniture should always be bought keeping the size of the apartment in mind. Studio apartments are generally very small and you should select furniture that can help make the space livable and attractive. Above all, there should be enough room for all your requirements. Selecting Furniture for a Studio Apartment A studio apartment […] read more

3 Tips for Home Office Organization

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Home office organization is the key to successfully working at home. Whether you work full-time from your office or just use it now and then to complete paperwork or pay bills, an organized space will make it easier to use, reducing the amount of time you must spend there. Keep your office organized by separating […] read more