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Getting Accustomed to Your Smaller Living Space

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Whether you are moving to a city, moving out of your parent’s house or downsizing for other reasons, moving to a smaller living space can be an adjustment. However, living in a smaller apartment or house has become more popular and common recently. People are becoming more conscious of how much they spend on rent […] read more

Interior Decorating Strategies for Apartments Under 500 Square Feet

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Interior decorating strategies for apartments under 500 square feet must begin with the end in mind. You must decide ahead of time what you want to accomplish with the decorating. Do you want to maximize space? Do you plan to entertain guests, or will you be enjoying the apartment alone? Once you assess your goals, […] read more

Interior Decorating Strategies for Apartments Under 1000 Square Feet

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Interior decorating for apartments under 1,000 square feet is not difficult when you know how to work with small spaces. Your options are not severely limited because of the small space, either. It does take some creativity on your part and patience to hunt around to find the right decorating solutions for your apartment. Here […] read more

Small-Space Decorating: How to Create an Eye-Catching Bookshelf

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Small space decorating can be a challenge, that’s why it’s important to add unique touches to your apartment where ever possible. Bookshelves are a great way to make small rooms visually pleasing. If you purchase one that is shallow and sits close to the wall, you don’t have to worry about it projecting too far […] read more

Small Space Decorating: Art Deco Design Ideas

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Small space decorating using Art Deco influences can transform a room from bland to fabulous. Born primarily from French art design, the Art Deco movement of the 1920’s and 30’s focused on sleek geometric lines, bold colors and highly stylized figures such as animals and plants. Archeology and new strides in aviation sparked new ideas […] read more

Small Space Design: Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger in 4 Steps

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Having a good grasp of the elements of small space design will come in handy when you’re trying to decorate a bedroom with limited space. A tiny bedroom can leave you feeling cramped, so anything you can do to make the room appear larger will be advantageous to your living environment. Follow the steps outlined […] read more

Strategies for Decorating a Small Living Room

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You want to maximize your space and make it more appealing. Having a delectable assortment of home decor can distract from a small living space. Here are some things to keep in mind when decorating a small living room. Use Mirrors Using mirrors is a time honored tradition for decorating small spaces to look bigger. Because mirrors use […] read more

Small Apartment Furniture Layout Secrets

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Contrary to popular belief, small apartment furniture is not always the best solution for a small space. In fact, a few scattered pieces of tiny furniture in a small apartment can actually have the opposite effect, making the space look even smaller. Instead, opt for a few well-selected, heavier (but not overwhelming) pieces, coupled with other […] read more

Decorating a Small Apartment Step by Step

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Decorating small apartments can be a challenge because they lack adequate storage. However, you can keep it simple and yet stylish if you follow some basic rules. Here’s how to decorate your small apartment step by step: 1. Clear the Clutter Put everything away that not doesn’t have to be out. Buy tubs, boxes, closet […] read more