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Fast Food Your Mainstay? Healthy Homemade Meals for Tiny Kitchens

If you’re like many apartment dwellers, your kitchen is just about big enough to accommodate yourself and one other person. When the two of you get together to whip up a gourmet storm, you constantly have to interrupt your chopping or dicing to move aside for the other person to pass by or open the […] read more

Rental agreement

What to Do When Your Landlord Breaks Your Rental Agreement

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A friend of mine rang my bell. “My landlord just came into my home and took money from me,” he lamented. Indeed, his landlord had thought to save him the trouble of mailing the money and entered the premises, taking the envelope marked “rent.” Did he have a right to do that? No. In this […] read more

Renters Insurance

Renter’s Insurance: Why Should You Consider It?

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How many of your friends who live in apartments have renter’s insurance? Not many, right? That’s because renter’s insurance—another term for home and content insurance—is little-understood about how much it costs, what renter’s insurance covers, etc. That fact is that renter’s insurance is far from most people’s minds when they draw up a mental checklist of […] read more

city apartments

Looking for a Big-City Apartment? Here’s How to Find the Perfect Spot

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Finding an apartment in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, or any town that sports skyscrapers and is a well-known hub of metropolitan activity can be a challenge. If you rush into any old deal, it may wipe out your savings faster than you could have imagined. Don’t let that happen. It’s easy, instead, to […] read more

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Where to Store Your Valuables in an Apartment

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So, you need to know where to store your valuable stuff, eh? Don’t think you’re lucky enough to have any valuables? Well, guess what? You do. OK, so let’s first establish exactly what valuables are. If you stop to think about it, you’ll realize that you too have items that you consider dear to you. […] read more

playing dress up with dog

7 Fun, Indoor Activities for Rainy Days with Kids and Pets

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Rainy days can be a major bummer no matter where you live. Of course, it is even worse when you factor in young, restless kids and dogs that need regular trips outdoors for exercise (among other reasons). Your darling children, unlike your pet companions, have hands and feet, which sometimes flail around and knock into […] read more

Furnished living Room in Luxury Apartment

Vacationing in Your Home Town? Stay in (Another) Apartment

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Although you and your family may have dismissed the idea of staying in-state on your next vacation break, staycations are becoming quite popular—especially for those on tight budgets. However, staycation or not, everyone will no doubt be insistent on one thing: you’ll absolutely have to sleep somewhere other than in your regular digs for that […] read more

Bring Some Pizzazz to Your Outdoor Space

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a yard or patio at your apartment, the area can be used to great advantage. This is the case whether your outdoor space is an entire patio, a balcony, a mini yard with only enough room for a few flower pots…or even if your “yard” is the landing of […] read more

Healthy Drinks to Make with or Without a Blender

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Do you have a juicer? What about a blender? Have ‘em both, but have limited space? Or perhaps you don’t have either. Hey, no sweat. Keep reading for relevant, tasty, and healthy drink suggestions to concoct in your tiny kitchen. Healthy Drinks Have Nutrients! Whether or not you’ve got the gear to make smoothies and […] read more