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Sleek luxury apartment unit decked out in contemporary furnishings.

What Makes a Luxury Apartment?

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A luxury apartment refers to a high-end living space that includes everything you need, and then some. read more

Older woman enjoys the simple pleasure of home gardening.

Grow Your Own: Top 10 US Cities for Home Gardeners

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Nothing is more mouthwatering than fruits and vegetables picked at the peak of their ripeness. With their alluring aromas, scintillating colors, and intense flavors, it’s hard to believe these treasures are natural phenomena. read more

Bring Some Pizzazz to Your Outdoor Space

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a yard or patio at your apartment, the area can be used to great advantage. This is the case whether your outdoor space is an entire patio, a balcony, a mini yard with only enough room for a few flower pots…or even if your “yard” is the landing of […] read more

Bring the Outside In: Apartment-friendly Plants

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Bringing some greenery into your home is a quick and easy way to turn a dull apartment into a relaxing glen of natural beauty. Unfortunately, not all apartments or lifestyles make it easy to keep plants alive. Here are some recommendations for the best plants to match your needs and bring some nature into your […] read more

Best Summer Veggies for Your Apartment

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Whether you are seasoned gardener or just learning to get your “thumbs green”, living in an apartment does not mean that you have to put your gardening dreams on hold, it just means that your garden will have to be a little smaller. Lucky for you, plenty of veggies don’t mind growing in containers, so […] read more

Displaying Your Green Thumb in an Apartment

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You love to get your fingers in the dirt and root around for the most ideal spot for your new sproutlings. In fact, that’s what you did up until moving into your new apartment. What to do with your green thumb, now? Plenty, as it turns out. You can bring living green into your home […] read more


6 Common Plants for Fall Gardening

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Fall gardening presents a great opportunity to extend your growing season. There are certain plants that can’t stand fall weather, so you’ll want to choose the right ones. Here are 8 common plants that you can sow in the fall. 1. Carrots Some carrots are planted in the fall. They won’t be harvested until the […] read more