Bathing a Baby: What to Do without a Bathtub

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Bathing a baby could be quite a challenging task for first-time mothers. The task can be even more complex if it has to be performed without the help of a bathtub. Some parents use the kitchen sink in place of a baby bathtub. However, using the kitchen sink to bathe your baby has its own risks, so it’s important that you look for a safer and more hygienic alternative.

How to Bathe your Baby without a Bathtub

Babies that are just a few weeks old don’t get all that dirty. What they do require is a good wash with warm water. You can sponge bathe your baby if you don’t have a bathtub yet. To do this, simply sit on the floor of your shower stall and place your child in your lap. Keep baby soap, a bowl of warm water and a few washcloths handy. You should also consider wearing bath gloves so that the baby doesn’t slip from your hands. It might be a good idea to get your partner to help you out when it’s time to sponge bathe the baby.

Hold your baby with one hand and use the other hand to rinse or soap the child. Once the baby has been thoroughly cleaned, you can hand the infant over to your spouse so that you can safely get out of the shower without harming yourself or your baby.

Why You Should Consider a Baby Bathtub

Although you could bathe your baby by following the guidelines listed above, it makes sense to purchase a bathtub because they’re not as expensive as you think. There are different types of baby bathtubs available for sale, some of which cost you only around $20. A few tubs are made to fit into your kitchen sink while others can be securely fitted into tubs meant for grownups. These baby bathtubs prevent your baby from slipping and give you peace of mind. They come equipped with a contoured head rest that keeps your child’s head above water level, a newborn sling and a drain plug. Some of the other features that are available include a digital thermometer that helps you set the water to the right temperature and sidewall drains that constantly expel dirty water. A bathtub with a digital thermometer could cost you around $40 but you may get a good deal if you compare prices both online and in stores.

Buying a baby bathtub doesn’t mean you have to compromise on space. You could purchase a tub that can be hung from the shower rod when not in use.

Advantages of Using a Baby Bathtub

The first few weeks after birth could be very tiring, so it’s important to prepare in advance and buy a baby bathtub along with the necessary accessories that are required to bathe the newborn. A baby bathtub will help you avoid the hassle of bending or squatting. It’s also extremely helpful for mothers who have had a Cesarean section. Using a bathtub will also prevent you from wasting water.

Selecting the Right Tub

There are plenty of bathtubs that are available in the market, but you should consider buying one that’s ideal for your baby. Tubs made out of BPA-free materials are a good choice. Also look for slip-resistant tubs and those equipped with a digital thermometer. Bathtubs are available for infants and children of different age groups. Once your baby crosses 6 months of age, it may be necessary to switch to a larger bathtub. Finally, it’s important to read product reviews online when looking for good bathtubs. The most expensive tub may not always be the best one, so do your research well before you make a purchase.

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  1. April 01, 2012 at 1:13 am, Alli said:

    I am having a bit of trouble finding a tub to put on the floor. It looks like the over the sink ones dont really hold water. our kitchen sink is very small and there isnt much room for a baby bath. Id like to be able to fill something with water set it on the floor and use it that way.


  2. April 01, 2012 at 1:14 am, Alli said:

    I will keep looking I am sure I will find something that will work for a few months.


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