Bring Some Pizzazz to Your Outdoor Space

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a yard or patio at your apartment, the area can be used to great advantage. This is the case whether your outdoor space is an entire patio, a balcony, a mini yard with only enough room for a few flower pots…or even if your “yard” is the landing of a fire escape. Here are a few things you can do to maximize your outdoor space.

Get Some Lights Out There

As attractive and sensuous as candles are, you may want to steer clear of those as a strong wind could send an unwanted spark into your neighbor’s window. However, hold that thought! To bring illumination to your special outdoor space, bring battery-powered lamps or candles to your patio, or run an extension cord.

Keep Your Privacy Intact

A bamboo or fabric cloth screen as a backdrop will both give you privacy and cast lovely shadows as the sun rises and sets, and at night as the moon hovers overhead.

Add Plants

Do your best to put greenery out there. Haven’t yet discovered your green thumb? This will no doubt bring it out in you. Foliage really does make a world of difference in a small apartment patio. Place your blossoms and sprouts in a spot where they will easily absorb the sun’s rays and the life-giving rain.

How About a Large Folding Table?

If you have enough space for one, this will elevate your plants and light and anything else you wish to put out there. You’ll gain a few feet of space and you’ll have created a space underneath the folding table.

Decor and Furnishings Make a World of Difference

You can add vessels, small urns, your pet’s lounge…or a comfy pallet or hammock for you to catch a few Z’s.

Remain Dry and Bug-Free

A mosquito netting placed over the table will keep you from being bitten by bugs. You might read, listen to music, enjoy a book…or work on your laptop. You’ll be protected from the sun and rain, while still being near enough to the great outdoors to reap the benefits of fresh air.

You might even bring a tray or two outside, and, after throwing a few pillows on the floor, share a simple meal with friends.

Consider Gardening

In addition to any flower pots you place on your patio for decoration, why not do some serious gardening in your outdoor space? Think you have no room for a mini garden? Oh, yes, you do! Rethink the purpose of that shoe hanger/organizer which usually goes on your closet door. Stuff the pockets full of plants instead of shoes and make sure that the greenery faces the sun.

Grow your own food! Start small with herbs, and move on to salad greens. Even citrus varietites can be started in a pot on your patio.

Keep Your Fur Family Safe

Got pets? If your balcony is 100% secure and safe, consider placing an attractive and durable white picket-fence-style plastic fencing on either side of a portion of your area. Bring out your fur companions’ toys and their water and food dishes. Make sure you cover the ground with turf grass or something suitably soft for the padding of little paws.

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