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3 Themed Party Ideas for Your Apartment Housing

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If you are looking to throw a great housewarming party for your new apartment move-in, here are some themed party ideas that are sure to match your enthusiasm for your new home. Your apartment will be your sanctuary, and you want to feel like it’s a true home as early into the move as possible. […] read more

5 Common 30th Birthday Party Themes to Consider

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When it comes to 30th birthday party themes, there are few that can’t be executed from the comfort of your own apartment. An apartment can be a great place to throw a party. It’s often underestimated in favor of larger houses, but working with the space confines of an apartment just brings everyone that much […] read more

Small Apartment Kitchen Storage Ideas

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If there is one room where you really compromise on space when renting versus owning, its your apartment kitchen. Unless you go the luxury route, you’re not likely to have modern—or spacious—kitchen. Being creative and resourceful when it comes to storing items in your small apartment kitchen becomes a necessity. Here are some storage ideas […] read more

5 Things Not to Keep in Storage

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Knowing what not to keep in storage is as important as deciding what types of items you need to move out of your apartment and store away to free up excess space. When planning what to store in your unit, find another place for the following: 1. Important Documents Few people use important documents like […] read more

Throwing Luau Parties in Your Apartment

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Luau parties are a great theme for any party and a lot of fun to host. Hawaiian luau parties are easy to do and can be used as a theme for birthday, graduation or just a party to welcome in summer. Most luau parties are held outdoors but for those who want to use their […] read more

3 Ingredients for a Mardi Gras Party in Your Apartment

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When it comes to holding a fun Mardi Gras party in your apartment, there are several things that you need to consider. You want to turn your apartment into a haven for celebrating life’s indulgences in New Orleans style. 1. Turn Your Apartment into a Mardi Gras Haven Put couches and other bulk furniture against […] read more

Keeping Dirty Laundry Tidy in a Small Apartment

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When you live in a small apartment, the space can easily become cluttered-especially if you aren’t mindful of how to properly store your dirty laundry. To keep your apartment organized and clean, you have to have to keep all of your clothes, clean or dirty, neatly stored and out of sight. Otherwise your apartment will […] read more

Small Apartment? Decorating According to Size

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Small apartment decorating can be a challenge but can also be fun. It just takes a little bit of know-how and you’ll create a decor for your small apartment that is comfortable too. Wall Colors and Flooring – Stay with Pale, Cool and Neutral Coloring For small spaces, choose pale and cool colors for your […] read more

Interior Decorating Strategies for Apartments Under 700 Square Feet

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Interior decorating can be a challenge when you’re using less than 700 square feet of space. Nonetheless, it is a challenge that can be met if you know how to give the area you’re working with the illusion that’s it’s bigger than its actual dimensions indicate. Use Neutral or Pale Colors To open up such […] read more