No Wall Needed: Horizontal Murphy Beds

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Horizontal Murphy beds are a perfect solution if you live in a small apartment with a low ceiling. Such beds are ideal in lofts, attics or basements and can be raised and folded horizontally on their side when not in use.

Horizontal Murphy Beds

A horizontal Murphy bed requires enough wall space to cover the full length of the bed. The models currently available lift and lower the mattress on the side rather than the foot of the bed. The bed consists of a box that houses the bed and the mattress. This box is fitted into a cabinet attached to a wall. When not in use, the bed is folded into the cabinet with the help of springs, hinges and pistons. When in use, the box is lowered to reveal the mattress. Thus, during the day, such a bed allows you to use your floor space for other purposes.

Such a bed falls out from the side and lies across the cabinet with one length of the bed against the enclosure. The area occupied by the bed when in use is smaller than that occupied by a vertical Murphy bed that’s in use. A horizontal Murphy bed is thus ideal when you have space constraints. Since a horizontal Murphy bed cabinet is attached to the wall at a lower height, it’s ideal if your apartment or the room in which you wish to install the bed has a low ceiling.

It’s best to order a ready-to-install horizontal Murphy bed if you don’t have the required expertise to install the bed on your own. Getting it professionally installed helps to preserve the bed’s functionality and safety.

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