Relationship Advice for Dating Neighbors

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Dating neighbors is fairly common and often just plain fun. Here’s some advice to keep it fun, and keep it amicable in the event it doesn’t work out.

Consider Keeping It a Fun Flirtation

If you are a person who has bad breakups, or who has a hard time dealing with ex’s, consider keeping the attraction between you and the neighbor as a casual flirtation. If you aren’t ready to move or find a way to deal amicably with an ended relationship, you may want to avoid the whole issue. In that case, enjoy the winks and long seductive looks, and continue dating outside your home sphere.

Ditch the Usual Excuses

If you want to stay home to veg in front of the TV one night and your boyfriend/girlfriend is your neighbor, using an excuse to avoid going out won’t work. He/She will see your car or see your lights, and know where you are. Instead of seeing this as a negative and a reason to avoid the relationship, embrace it. Call it radical honesty and see how it works for you. If you’re tired and you don’t want to see him/her, just say so. If you are seeing other people, be up front about that too. You will be surprised how much honesty in the beginning will save you headaches and arguments later on. Ask for some personal freedom and give the same to him/her so neither of you feels awkward in your own homes.

Be Respectful, but Have Fun

When you live so close it can be tempting to merge your lives too much. Keep some secrets and distance, but still give your all into having fun. Before you tell something or ask something, be mindful that you might not always be dating and see if you still want to say it/ask it. Focus on having fun together and not probing for information. If you find yourself over sharing information habitually, you may need to get a close friend to confide in.

Prepare to Have a Great Breakup

If you are losing interest after dating your neighbor for a while, a traditional breakup might not apply. Since neither you nor your neighbor probably wants to move, you must keep the relationship and the breakup amicable and highly civil. There is a reason you wanted to date him or her to begin with. Focus on that and let the other stuff slide. It is not your job to change him or her, or to inform him/her of every way they should improve. None of us are perfect, and another person may not find those same things as objectionable as you do. Keep it nice during the relationship as well as after.

Dating a neighbor can be thrilling, enticing and a wonderful experience. Take extra care to make sure you don’t invite negative emotions into your living space and enjoy it for what it is: a fun, delightful relationship!

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