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What to Do When Your Roommate Moves Out

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For anyone who’s ever had to live with a roommate, you know there are good times and bad times. You also know that eventually roommates move on. Maybe they just graduated, or they got married or maybe they even started a really great new job. Regardless the situation, they’ve left the coop and now you […] read more

Roommate Smoking in Your Apartment: How to Deal

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When your roommates are smoking in the apartment, you have to deal with secondhand smoke, foul odors and potential damages to your apartment. Come moving out time, you may have to pay for damages to fix wall or furnishing discoloration and accidental burns as well as a thorough cleaning to get rid of the smoke […] read more

4 Common Problems When Living with Friends

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After years of living under your parents’ rule, living with friends seems like it’ll be a non-stop party, but along with new freedoms comes greater responsibility, and not all of your friends may be up to the task. One of the most common roommate problems is rooming with friends. Think It Over Living with friends […] read more

Making the Jump from Roommate to Romance

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So your roommate is funny, thoughtful, attractive and everything you’re looking for in a boyfriend or girlfriend. You find yourself fantasizing about him or her and it’s starting to get difficult to pretend like nothing has changed. You’re not the only one to face these kinds of roommate problems, but you’d be wise to consider […] read more

Sharing an Apartment: The Pros and Cons of Living with a Co-Worker

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Sharing an apartment with a co-worker can be either a positive or a negative experience. If a co-worker approaches you with the idea of living together, make sure you think the decision through. Before you decide to move in, debate the pros and cons of cohabitation with a co-worker, which include: Pro 1. A Responsible […] read more

Roommates: The Pros and Cons of a Shared Living Space

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Sharing your living space can be great. There are many benefits to having roommates, but nothing is perfect. There are downsides to having roommates. Before you make the decision to share your living space, carefully weight the pros and cons. Pros of Having Roommates Saving money on rent. Obviously, the more roommates you have, the more […] read more

Bad Roommate: How to Improve Communication

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Having a bad roommate brings a number of challenges and can be even harder when the two of you aren’t communicating as well as you could be. Maybe you’ve started to notice that she hasn’t been pulling her weight or that she does things that are rude and disrespectful. The obvious next step is to […] read more

Looking for Roommates: Must-Ask Questions

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So, you’re looking for roommates? Whether you are looking to sublet part of your apartment, or simply find roommates to split the rent with, it is important to find the right people. The following are must-ask questions when looking for roommates: 1.  How Should the Security Deposit be Handled? You must decide if you are […] read more

How to Address Your Roommate’s Bad Hygeine

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A bad roommate can make living in even the most beautiful apartment horribly unpleasant. When your roommate exhibits bad hygiene, you have to balance avoiding hurting his feelings with getting the point across. Is Poor Hygiene a Consistent Problem? Everyone gets bad breath occasionally. Workouts can make even the sweetest-smelling flower smell a little less […] read more